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Today was one of those perfect days where I had two great workouts (my abs are sore for the first time in months), I finished a writing a report at work, had lunch with an inspirational woman, and after all that, was able to meet up with my girls (ladies) at Chez Lucien - a favourite place of mine to share the Frieda and Diego Burger (was slightly disappointed today…), good company and conversation (neither of which was disappointing).

While the conversation flowed, way past the time we all planned to go home, we talked about my new pet project - the blog and my competition!

As you know I am preparing for a fitness competition My first - SAF (Serious About Fitness) which will be on July 16th starting at 11 am…little twist though. There is also an evening show IDFA (International Drug Free Athletics) at the same venue. I have been thinking, WHY NOT DO BOTH?!!! Since I am already going to be in peak physical condition and it really doesn’t require me to move around that much, what am I waiting for! Just do it, right? That way I can have a few supporters for both come out (and I hope you lovely people will!) and I get to re-use my outfit and all the hard work in one shot! Am I being slightly crazy? Maybe! But Some of my new found figure competition friends are telling me to go for it!

So while I may be exhausted, I think it would be great to put myself in a very vulnerable position and prove to myself I CAN DO IT…

Before I get ahead of myself, back to “the outfit”…

AND YES…my eyes are closed….can’t have a great shot everyday, and can I say yet again how picture taking is not my strong suit…

What I am Wearing

Jacket: BCBG

Tank: Aritzia

Skirt: Leather - Club C (Vintage - 30 years old - “lifted” from my aunt’s closet)

Shoes: DKNYC - Great find in New York!

Pearls: Champs Elysee - Montreal

Have a wonderful night…its officially past my bed time and need to wake up early for training.


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