Divine Damask

I woke up at 4:45 A.M. this morning to a fury of white gusting snow getting ready for one of my morning training sessions and I thought, the only thing that’s going to make me feel better is to stay at home. Though that wasn’t an option I decided to take a piece of “home” with me…mon papier peint robe (i.e. my wallpaper dress). This Damask dress always makes me feel warm and cozy….though because its silk a sweater is required during the cold winter months, plus the word damask just sounds so rich, warm and inviting.

What I am wearing

Sweater: Forever 21
Dress: Banana Republic
Tights: Jessica (Sears)
Shoes: DKNYC
Jewelery: Coach (Miranda Collection) - Necklace, Earrings and Ring
Bangles - “Borrowed indefinitely” from my Aunt

Now a little background on the picture taking process. This is extremely difficult to do. I have asked my friend Julie (and if there are others who want to help me with this) to take pictures of me at work, because I don’t really have a good set up at home to do it. I am “tripod” less, I can barely function my camera, let alone take pictures of myself where disaster is I am sure to ensue. So today, Julie and I went down by the cafeteria - well after lunch to try and take these photos. I’m sorry if I look stiff and out of place, because well I felt stiff (due to the cold draft) and out of place. Plus I forgot my camera, so this was taken with the trusty Blackberry Camera…I am sure these awkward moments will continue so please bear with me as I try to get comfortable being in the spotlight.

Before I could even get into the dress, and ready for work it was into the workout clothes and off to the gym. Today’s workout 1 - was shoulders and back - My morning routine. I will head back to the gym this afternoon for Workout 2 - a good bought of cardio to help burn off some of that excess fat (and a little bit of muscle as well unfortunately).

My tip for today is just for everyone to get out there. We all become couch potatoes as soon as we get home so resist that temptation. You don’t need to go to a gym but just get up and out the door for a brisk walk, a tennis class, skiing…whatever is enjoyable to you. If you don’t like lifting weights or pounding the pavement, you’re not going to enjoy it AND at the end of it all, fall of the tracks. Do something that you enjoy and you will see yourself getting more and more out of it - more energy, better mood, and a sense of accomplishment. Pack your workout clothes and take them to work with you that way you wont have an excuse but to your activity of choice. Remember getting 30 minutes to 1 hour exercise daily is a must, especially for those of us who are constantly sitting for work.

Happy Wednesday!

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