Twilight Thursday

So friends, I SWEAR there has to be a full moon out tonight, or something wrong with the drinking water in Ontario and Quebec or some sort of cosmic shift in the universe to make it become one of the most bizzaro days to throw not only my bangs of balance, but the equilibrium within me! While most of my days have been set to juggle and balance my many responsibilities and my way of life and my fitness frenzy, I have been thrown into a world of helter skelter twilightness!

Why you may ask, well today started off with my hair deciding it was going to do its own thing. Hard as I tried my hair had a mind of its own and felt the need to “express itself” - cause for celebration? I think not! I also had the pleasure of having a repair man come to my home to fix my shower and my heater (both have been acting up something weird) to have him tell me that I look better than in my pictures? A) where has he seen these pictures? B) I must have heard wrong right? and C) I should have known it was all down-hill from there. So Doug the repair man cleared up the “misunderstanding” he said he had seen my pictures the last item he was in my home fixing things oh about 3 months ago when I had stepped out to talk to some of the other workers about doing a paint job in the apartment. Needless to say I felt very uneasy at the meeting.

As for the rest of Thursday, I wont get into the details of day, but lets say I was offered “herbal” tea, given life histories (more than just about the kids)? , put in awkward situations and have felt completely out of my skin - by persons in positions of authority in the office. Work aside, my personal life is as some would say hanging by a thread. Its as if someone has painted a huge target on my back that says “Pick Me!”

Ok enough ranting and raving, Today’s outfit, like the day, is a mismatched patterned dress (to match my mismatched surreal mood) with a light grey cardi to keep me warm from the troubling winds that seem to have stirred up from the warmer weather!

What I am wearing
Dress: Buffalo by David Bitton
Sweater: BCBG (4-5 years ago)
Jewellery: ring (Aldo) bangle (Gifted)
Shoes: Flats BCBG
Belt: Club Monaco

Hopefully Tomorrow does not turn out to be Freaky Friday!

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