Black and Gold

So This is another scheduled post and we will be back to regular programming shortly.

I miss you guys! If any of you remember this outfit was from the days I was having some tummy troubles with too much tilapia. Thought it was about time to actually show you what I was wearing!

This is when my feet my feet look swollen....

What I am wearing:
Skirt: SmartSet
Top:  Borrowed from Auntie R
Bangle: Gifted from Auntie R (F21)
Belt: BCBG
Shoes: DKNYC

To all my competition ladies, did you feel "weird" after competition. I swear my skin feels tight and I feel like I am retaining that possible?

Versatile Blgoger Award

As you know I am away for the week soaking up some sun in Miami and taking some time off to enjoy the summer. 
Can't wait to tell you all about my trip but until then here is another post to keep you all in the loop. I must apologise in advance I wont be able to comment as I wont have access to internet on my phone. Roaming charges were astronomical. 

about a week ago, I received the Versatile Blogger Award from Live Life In Style. Shasie is an amazing woman who has great personal style and a wonderful blog. I love how she is an everyday woman with a wardrobe to die for. 

Shasie Thank you for passing on the love and I intend to do the same!

1. Name your favorite song: Window Seat - Eykah Badu (just went to her concert so maybe that's why its stuck : ))
2. Name your favorite dessert: Oh goodness. So difficult. I am a sucker for cheesecake, fruit, and a mean slice of carrot cake;)
4. What is your biggest Fear?: My biggest fear is not being true to myself, and sometimes letting fear take over. Hence doing the fitness competition to conquer a fear.
5. What is your best feature? I think its my smile :)
6. Guilty Pleasure: I have to choose one? I heart Harry Potter.
7. What is your favorite color? Blue but I love black - keeping it simple :)

I'm passing this award on to five of my favourite reads right now. Each one of these blogs offers something unique in the fashion world. I hope you'll show them some love! '

hope you lovely ladies will pay it forward. XOXO

Playing it up in Purple


Just a reminder I am away for all of next week and this weekend. I have to apologise in advance for not responding to comments or keeping up with blogs. But I plan on enjoying my vacation in Miami to the fullest. Training will be involved but for the most part I will be a beach bum and I plan on getting my eat on. Though Since the competition I have put on 10 pounds! yep just like that! I am not eating a crazy amount but I think I jsut screwed with my metabolism and so now my body is learning how to find a happy medium.

I will keep you posted on my scale woes :S

on to the outfit. I am in love with this dress! I actually had this made. I took this from Auntie R's closet but it was a bit long and was not shaped top, which I believe was a gift from India or Dubai. i went to a alterations place and gave them my vision. and this is what they came up with. I LOVE LOVE the pattern, the colours just everything about this piece and it definitely needed to be worn.

What I am Wearing:
Dress: Kurti Top altered into a dress
Belt: J Crew
Shoes: Expressions (The Bay)
Bangles: My Grandma!
Flower: Mother Nature : )

What are your plans for the summer? any of you taking a trip?

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter

O. M. G.

So as you know I have been eating. All the things I have wanted to since the competition ended. One of my favourites is this high protein Peanut Butter with Dark Chocolate mixed in. IT IS LOVELY.

I have to say it was so good to eat right out of the jar Yummo! 
One thing I have noticed post competition is my tummy is upset ALL THE TIME. I am eating clean for the most part but even cereal and almond milk are making it unhappy. Did any of you feel this way?

Also As an FYI, I am heading out for a week and a bit for a wedding and a trip to Miami so apologies in advance I won't be able to comment much or respond to comments. I promise once I am back though that I will reply! :) 

I heart this PB do you have any yummy treats that you could share with me?

2 Competitions, 2 Suits, 1 Goal Accomplished ~Priceless

I know all of you have been wanting to know how my day went for the competition.  So far you know I have had some Tanning Issues, Followed by a great brunch. But what happened show day?

Well First I couldn’t sleep. Work up with thumb prints all over my chest because I was not told to sleep with socks on my hands! I looked a bit diseased but was able to get it touched up before I headed out on to the stage.

And of course, That's me, eating my rice cake smeared with PB and Jelly. Can I tell you it was the most wonderful thing I had ever eaten. I mean I haven't touched PB or Jam in a long time and the two together, well. HEAVEN! I am having a craving for them right now.

Once I had some energy, it was time to get into suit number one for SAF. I honestly felt good in the morning. I felt my body looked good and I was ready to rock it. This is a photo of me back stage just practicing my stage presence.  I have to say though, I am not sure if SAF is for me. While I was hitting poses, I felt perhapsit was too "flirty" for me and I not about the physique but about throwing your booty around. And I can't say that that's my style.

IDFA however was more my style. I trully enjoyed just getting out there, hitting your front, side, back poses. I felt that it represented more the physique (particularly in the Figure category). However, one thing that took me by surprise was Aunt Flo. Yup she made an appearance so by the night show, I felt bloated, heavy and just tired. Word of advice, don't compete in two shoes in one day. I just was exhausted and depleted!

Although I didn't place (I have a feeling I came in last because I am still carrying a lot of fat comparatively to other women who competed) its ok. I feel I won in my books. Getting up on stage, doing something out of my comfort zone and letting a select few judge me on my body, well…I think I rocked it regardless!

Have you done something out of your comfort zone lately?

Brunch and Bling!

I apologise for not posting for the last two days let's just say doing two competitions in one day was tiring! I didn't place but I am OK with that. I won something more important for myself - I completed a goal. I followed through! and.....I can't wait to compete again.

Yup you heard me…I have the itch! For me I really don't enjoy getting on stage, I am shy for the most part and getting on stage makes me do something vulnerable and also helps to prove to myself that I can do it.

I love the training aspect of it and more improtant I love the women who are part of the competitions. Everyone I met was so wonderfully sweet and supportive. Ready to share lipstick, Bikini Bite and words of encouragement. I can't  think of anything better.

I will be posting pictures tomorrow but here are some pictures from the brunch and bling from yesterday.

Love you all and cannot thank you enough for all of the wonderful words of encouragement, support and friendship you all have shown me the past months.

I will still continue to post about my fitness journey, but will also do more fashion posts, food and recipes as well. I can't wait to see what I will do next.

What's your favourite treat? do you enjoy brunch?

Morning Of: Tan Tales

Well Friends

The big day is here. COULD NOT SLEEP! eek! Went to bed at 11:30 PM and was up by 3:30 AM. I tossed around like for an hour and decided it was fruitless. Put on a pot of coffee (only having a small eensie weensie cup with my chicken - which after carb day is not so bad. I highly recommend marinating the chicken in lime juice and cilantro over night, pan searing and then putting in the oven. Its actually TASTY! Also made my DARK French Roast Coffee as strong as I could bear it. Stupid internal clock would not let me sleep in but mostly i have to blame the nerves!

I mentioned to you all that yesterday I went for my Spray tan. Pam was fabulous! so wonderful and kind and sweet and told me which way to turn and hold out my leg or arm because clearly I was an amateur at this and she smelled me from a mile away (I smelled like Jan Tana skin prep so not so bad....but no deoderant here on out!)

We did the tan up to my not sure if you can see the difference, but my own skin colour now pales in comparison and I look very yellow in face (pardon the puns haha)

 So all is well with the tan, minus me trying to find a pair of loose cotton pants and shirt....Ill be going ot the show in my PJs because I threw out most of my oversized sweats many moons ago...I never really wear sweats. not even to the gym. I wear leggings! I went to bed for a mere few hours and woke up to this.

A) I didn't know I did that.
B) I look like i have a disease
C) Soooo lucky that Pam will be at the show to do the touch ups!

Not too much came off on the sheets so all is well with the world. I am leaving those on the bed for tonight...just in case I have more Jan Tana decided to come off.

Though have to say I am already looking forward to a hot shower : )

Will try to post more if I can!

PS my friend BikiniorBust mentioned me on her blog today. Check it out and other Competitors HERE! Donloree is a force! you all need to be reading her blog YESTERDAY :)


12 Hours to GO!

Oh. Dear. God.

Its here! Its finally here! Its about 7:45 PM and in about an hour, I am heading to get my spray tan (Airbrushed with a professional) with the Jan Tana High Definition spray.

Turns out, this was one of the most economical ways of applying the tan so I am SUPER excited. sleeping on my white sheets : ) I'll also be sleeping on a towel and peeing in a cup. Oh heard me a Cup... :P

Today went by so fast! I had my last round of cardio, groceries, photoshoot and cleaned the apartment. I'm hosting a celebratory brunch Sunday (its also a Stella and Dot Jewelry Party!)

I had some mini cupcakes ordered for the special day. They arrived this afternoon and are sitting in my fridge. Want to know something though? I'm not even in the least bit enticed! I thought it would have been hard to resist because I have been craving cake, but meh? lol Don't get me wrong, the photographer tried them and he said they were delish. Especially the chocolaty ones. But I am just looking forward to my bowl of cereal and cherries tomorrow evening.

In other events of the day:
My Suitcase is packed - for the most part (no shoulder bag because it could ruin the tan). I have my suits, heels, bands, makeup, wipes and cups packed. I also have Listerine and Vaseline in there. Food will be packed in the morning.

Tomorrow on the MENU:
chicken (Marinated in lime juice and cilantro and baked so it doesn't have to taste like cardboard and one cup of tea for breakfast
Rest of the Day
rice cakes
almond butter
dark chocolate.
Sips of water as needed

Doesn't seem half bad : )

I am soooooo nervous but excited at the same time. Really looking forward to just enjoying the moment. My heart though will have to calm down because I am just a ball of nerves.

Thank you again to everyone who has been here for the journey. I honestly could not have done it without your support. I wont disappoint you guys : )

2 More Sleeps


I want to apologise for not responding to comments, and not posting yesterday. My plan was to come home after my fake bake ( i.e. Spray Tan) and get caught up on all the wonderful comments, and blog reading. Instead, I came come home and felt like death. O. M. G. I thought I was going to pass out, had a super bad headache and was really nauseous. It took all my strength to keep my eyes open and from keeping the room from spinning. 

I hadn't changed my diet, other then remove salt. So what could it have been? Turns out it was the spray tan! It was my first time ever being in the Versa Spa booth and I wasn't told anything about HOLDING MY BREATH when facing the nozzle. Apparently, inhaling, could cause you to feel like death that night and the NEXT MORNING TOO!

It's been another go, go, go day. I honestly have no idea how its already 8:13PM. I have been up since from 4:40 AM. I had my last touch up session with the trainer, we went over my band warm up for the stage, cardio, got ready for my first photo-shoot (oh yeah baby!) I will be posting a few of the pics on the blog when I get them. All this was followed by posing (my last session with the fabulous A I love her!), some shopping (I had a Groupon coupon for Old Navy where I scored a two sweaters and a pair of flats sweet!) and, I picked up 5 tanktops for 20 dollars AH-MAZING!

I also cleaned my kitchen and while I was doing dishes, I realised more of my "dishes" recently have been from tupperware...See the stack below. It's time to enjoy my food on plates more often!

Les Tupperware...At least I eat with real cutlery!
A big thank you to every single one of you who has followed me on this journey~! Just 2 more sleeps eek!

Carrot Cake Fever and Post Comp Treats

Day 4 is coming to a close and want to know whats on my mind? 
1) Brunch

Sunday Morning following the Competition, I am hosting along with my friend a Stella and Dot Jewellery Party along with Brunch. My Favourite Food Group of all time. If I could eat breakfast food for every meal I would gladly accept. Give me Oats, Eggs, and a bowl of Fruit and I will be your best pal EVER. : )

Other than brunch  ALL I WANT is Carrot Cake. Seriously? YES. All different types of Carrot Cake. Carrot Cake in the form of cupcakes with cream cheese icing.

Carrot Cake like the 6 layer carrot Cake that was made lat night on Kitchen Nightmares. OMG can I JUST shove my face in it?
This is not the actual cake I couldn't find it online but it was worth of a blog post :P

Carrot Cake from Murray St.
They have fabulous Charcuterie too!

Carrot Cake with Walnuts

Carrot Cake Bites....

Carrot Cupcakes and Muffins

I think you get the point.... clearly I have been torturing myself with Carrot Infused
 goodies via Food blogs. Please note these pictures do not belong to me and I used Google images to get them. 

Other than my fixation with carrot cake, I really just want a huge bowl of oatmeal (with almond Milk and nuts) and fruit! Those are the things I trully want to eat : )

So weird how it all changes, No longer to do I want that burger or pizza. Its really simple clean eats :) and maybe Nutella : )

What do you crave? what are your favourite treats to eat?

One Lovely Blog Award

I've been so lucky, and honoured to have wonderful people give me blogger awards.

I received a great award from Tereza Anton of Drastic Plastic - if you click on the image it will take you to the page.

How Amazing is that?  Thank you Tereza Anton! it was so unexpected but lovely.

So now comes the interesting bit: 7 Things you didn't know about me.
As you all know I will be participating in my first Fitness Competition come this Saturday so a lot of my "favourite things will be around food, fears, and of course fashion :)
1. I am deathly afraid of Spiders!
2. My favourite fruit in the entire world are cherries! I could eat them forever. And plan on having enough to put me in a sugar induced coma come Saturday night!

3. Nutella is the greatest creation on earth - a Chocolate Hazelnut spread? Yes Please!

4. I am in love with IsoBar Protein Bars. They are absolutely positively Ah-mazing. If you haven't tried it you MUST. I am not a fan of protein bars in the least BUT these bars? I am DREAMING o0f consuming them. I think I prefer the vanilla over the chocolate but then again I don’t know! They are both so good and not too bad for carb content either. It's an organic bar as well which I love, no artificial preservatives, low in sodium and DEE-licious!
I am smitten by these bars sooo yummy!
5. I'm left handed. Yup friends, they say that left handed people are very creative.
6. I covet many wonderful items from Zara and Club Monaco but admire from afar.
7. I won a pair of shoes in a Giveaway! ( I will be telling you more about this in a following post!)

The 7 blogs I am choosing to give this award to range in fashion, fitness and life. They have been my rocks, daily read and forms of inspiration over the past months. so lovlies- This goes out to you!

You all have been so wonderful! and believe me it was hard to choose. There are so many other daily inspirations out there. you are not forgotten!

What you have to do to accept: thank me {YES please!}, do a post about your new award, say 7 things about you, do the "favorite list" thing, give the award to 7 blogs to pay it forward!

*Please note the pictures on today's post are not my own and have been taken from stock photos on Google Images. 

One Week Out

As a promise to myself, 

I am continuing with my daily posts until show time. Today was crazy. mad amount of cardio, followed by work, followed by Erykah Badu Concert equals Nini getting home at 11 PM tired and exhausted. And Hungry. 

I've eaten all my meals for cant sneak anything...but I swear, I almost went down to the car where I've stored all my goodies in the trunk because I am SO tempted. HOWEVER, common sense prevailed, and as my tummy rumbles, I am just going to write this post and go to bed : ).

This is what's in the fridge now...yes a COSTCO size jar of pickles are in the back.
On another note, while I was at the concert I received a text from my nutritionist. It totally got me PEEVED! We had discussed me meeting him on Monday morning bright and early for a final follow up. He texted me half way through Erykah's set to ask when I could meet!? Excuse me? How could he have forgotten that we had our scheduled appointment  already (he's done this before and it makes it seem like I am not important)? 

Anyways we rescheduled for Wednesday. I know its probably my emotions that are running high, but I started crying at the concert. And, I still have a lump in my throat. I just feel down right mad/upset/frustrated!

Reminding myself though, its only one more week. One more week.... Serenity now....

What do you do to cope when you're upset?

I feel like Chicken Tonight

Yeah Chicken tonight :) 

Ok does anyone remember that commercial? Have I just dated myself? As I told you all before I am allowed to have a few meals of chicken so I decided to mix up a different options. 

With day 8 coming to a close - Tomorrow marks 7 days if not 6! till stage day!

I've been feeling pretty exhausted these days...taking it as best I can - My knees are starting to hurt from all the cardio and I am not recovering as fast. Its a good thing that I've taken three days off work next week to be able to prepare and sleep! On top of exhaustion, its been really difficult to get through my meals. For some reason I am just not hungry…I mean I am (hungry), believe me but I think it may just be boredom of looking at tilapia.  

Anyways, Last night I prepped three different types of chicken that I will be Pan "frying" or baking in the oven

One: "Chicken Wings" I saw this recipe HERE - Becca is a fellow figure competitor, so thought I might as well try this out! I marinated my chicken in The red hot overnight and then I added some Club House Tex Mex Seasoning and made in a non-stick pan.

Two: Harissa and Tagine inspired chicken with cilantro  (I love me some spicy food so this will be baked and stuffed with Zucchini yummmy!)

Three: dash of olive oil, paprika, salt, green onion - I am going to stuff this with some broccoli florets - rappini and mushroom that I had going on the stove

What's your favourite way of cooking chicken? I am always looking for recipes!

Bread and Peanut Butter

It's about 11 PM here and I have now been up since 4:45 AM, worked 12 hours, had a leg workout in the AM and a cardio workout after 915. I've also managed to roast some asparagus, broccoli and make my eggs for tomorrow because its going to be a mission to get out of bed tomorrow for arms and hamstrings haha! 

But I promised myself I would blog every day for the next 9 days for my sanity and to get out some of my last minute emotions and frustrations.

First! a happy moment! look what I found? high protein bread people! Bread. O. M. G. how amazing is this? Apparently they make BAGELS too! so Naturally, I bought a loaf, gave a few slices to my trainer, and the rest is sitting in my freezer for post competition. 

Second: uhmm HELLO HEAVEN.
yes friends that's DARK CHOCOLATE peanut butter with a bit of whey infused in so two tbsp is 10 G of Protein! Alas it too has to wait because of the sugar content in it but can I get a YUM?

Other then That Today has been pretty difficult. Tomorrow is supposed to be carb load up day, but I am holding off until Sunday after that its fish and chicken until Thursday and Friday will be another carb up day...

SOOOOO close but right now it feels so distant. I wish I had one more week to train, but at the same time I want it to be here to morrow so I can just eat my shredded Wheat with Almond milk already Geez lol.

Ok its time for me to finish the Rest of my packing for tomorrow. HOpe you all had a great Thursday! TGIF tommr baby!

Shoe Shrinkage and Grocery Growth

Today I was asked a question posed by on of my readers and though it would be good to share!  Bright Smile asked me whether my grocery bill got more expensive since Prep training?  The Short Answer: Yes....The long on my friends!

While my feet have been shrinking, my grocery bill has been increasing. 

I feel an bit like Cinderella because I have lost my shoe walking on a few occasions now. Its like that will pretty much all of my shoes, flats, sandals, heels…Flip flops or the only thing staying in place right now. So I have resorted to stuff the front of my shoe because I refuse to spend any more money right now. I purchased all this stuff for tanning and its burned more than a hole in my pocket ….so tissue it is.  And I finally have Petite Feet! Not small enough to steal borrow from Auntie R…She's a 5.5 and I'm now a 7...
can you see the gap at my heel?
Back to my Groceries: It's not necessarily because of all the fish and chicken and other forms of protein (though it does add up), its also because I am adding other things into my diet that I never had before and that requires going to specialty food stores, like Organic foods. I have invested in a good coconut oil because I cook with it for the most part and I LOVE the taste. Did you know that you can cook with coconut oil at high heat temperatures but not so much with olive oil?

At the same time, I am incorporating things like Omega Oil, Flax, chia seeds, Salba, and other forms of flour (for baking later) that cost a pretty penny. At the same time, I have invested in a lot of seasoning. Club house has been one of my favourites to work with but I have also tried other great additions - like Harissa. In addition to that, egg whites, Greek yogurt, natural peanut butter, gluten free breads and cereals are more expensive than your average box of cereal so, my I may feel a bit of a hole burning through my pocket, I feel its worth it. I feel better with what I am eating and I know I will be eating this way post competition too for the most part. Costco has been a great life saver. I find buying in bulk has helped to reduce a lot of the costs. They have a great Organic Quinoa available and when I was drinking almond milk, I could buy it by the case.

Finally, I have pretty much stopped eating out, do not spend money on alcohol and all other disposable income has gone to things like my competition suits, tanning supplies etc. so in a sense it does even out!

I still have to answer one posed to me which I promise I will but I thought it would be best to answer when I back on a "normal" diet in 10 days If you have any other questions let me know!

TMI, Tight Belts, and Tilapia!

So Day 11 is officially (well almost) over.

10 to go! Eek!

First up I wanted to talk about my love affair, or not so much with my BFF tilapia. Yesterday at work, I wore a pretty high waisted skirt with a pretty tight belt (Ok I am taking the long way around to get to the point - bear with me). 

This belt was tight. Most of the time a good thing. Yesterday...not so much.

And I ate fish. I ate fish and I ate asparagus and then after all of that, I went home, changed in to work attire two. By the time I got to my destination I cold feel a little rumbling. Now perhaps my tilapia and asparagus were "stuck" in between my ribcage and belt because for a better part of the day, because that night, I was, well...having a bit of tummy troubles...TMI (too much information)? I do apologise. 

During this nightmare, I was having one of those moments where most people would say "oh I am never drinking again" I was having an " Oh I never want to see, smell or come near tilapia again...EVER" moment. I mean thinking about it right now is sort of making me gag (I'm lucky today is carb day - so no fish). 

After having a bit of a meltdown with the nutrition guy, I was able to convince him that for my sanity and stomach I MUST have chicken again! FOLKS this is epic for me. I have been living off white fish for a better part of 3 weeks and honestly at this point sometimes too much of one thing can be a good thing turned EVIL (i.e. my love-hate relationship with tilapia). So for 8 of my 10 days left, I get 1-2 meals of chicken instead of tilapia - Hallelujah! Cannot wait for the next 10 days to be over so I can say BUH BYE to tilapia for the better part of the summer FOR SURE.

Its way past my bedtime so I will continue to post of the next 10 days - the last LEG! :)

Canada Post - Delivering a Bucketful of Gratitude

If there's one thing I would like to say to all of you faithful readers out there is THANK YOU! Thank you for your faith in my abilities for keeping me on point and on track in this last leg of journey #1 as a figure competitor. 

I am so lucky, to have readers like you. I am less than two weeks from show date and I WILL get on the stage. Not going to lie, I am freaking out slightly, but so happy to have all of your support behind me. Though I may not be at the level of some of the other fabulous women there, I will be the best version of myself to date, and that's something I HAVE to be proud of and AM proud of. 

Two weeks today, I will be celebrating my victory with a brunch! Yup! If you ask me what my favourite food group is, its brunch. The next 13 days will be on point until I can enjoy some fabulous french toast, eggs (with yolk!) fruit (I plan on being in a fruit coma - bring on the cherries, peaches, watermelon and grapes), oatmeal made with milk (mmmm delish), cupcakes, a celebratory mimosa and amazing group of friends to share it all with. 

Can't wait to toast with all of you as well, my fellow online friends...Sending lots of love and positive energy back to you as you have done for me. 

And....onto the outfit....Another Dress borrowed from Aunty R....Here is our little deal. I take her clothes, get them altered, wear a few times and give back. For me its like having a wardrobe on consignment. and it keeps things in BOTH of our closets rotating (though I have to say I get a much better bargain than she does ;P) 

What I am Wearing
Dress: Borrowed from Aunty R (Bought at the Bay on Sale and it sat in her closet for a good 2 years because it was too big!)
Sweater: Tristan and America (mine ;) at least 5 years old)
Belt: J Crew
Shoes: BCBG Girls (I wear these a lot, you can see them here, and here)
Necklace: Aldo worn here
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