12 Hours to GO!

Oh. Dear. God.

Its here! Its finally here! Its about 7:45 PM and in about an hour, I am heading to get my spray tan (Airbrushed with a professional) with the Jan Tana High Definition spray.

Turns out, this was one of the most economical ways of applying the tan so I am SUPER excited. but...no sleeping on my white sheets : ) I'll also be sleeping on a towel and peeing in a cup. Oh yes...you heard me a Cup... :P

Today went by so fast! I had my last round of cardio, groceries, photoshoot and cleaned the apartment. I'm hosting a celebratory brunch Sunday (its also a Stella and Dot Jewelry Party!)

I had some mini cupcakes ordered for the special day. They arrived this afternoon and are sitting in my fridge. Want to know something though? I'm not even in the least bit enticed! I thought it would have been hard to resist because I have been craving cake, but meh? lol Don't get me wrong, the photographer tried them and he said they were delish. Especially the chocolaty ones. But I am just looking forward to my bowl of cereal and cherries tomorrow evening.

In other events of the day:
My Suitcase is packed - for the most part (no shoulder bag because it could ruin the tan). I have my suits, heels, bands, makeup, wipes and cups packed. I also have Listerine and Vaseline in there. Food will be packed in the morning.

Tomorrow on the MENU:
chicken (Marinated in lime juice and cilantro and baked so it doesn't have to taste like cardboard and one cup of tea for breakfast
Rest of the Day
rice cakes
almond butter
dark chocolate.
Sips of water as needed

Doesn't seem half bad : )

I am soooooo nervous but excited at the same time. Really looking forward to just enjoying the moment. My heart though will have to calm down because I am just a ball of nerves.

Thank you again to everyone who has been here for the journey. I honestly could not have done it without your support. I wont disappoint you guys : )


  1.  "Just enjoying the moment"  What a great attitude! 

  2. GO GET EM GIRL!!!! Rock it babes!! xoxo

  3. I CANT wait to hear how it goes! GO NINI!!! U did it!!!


  4. Good luck!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!!!
    Auntie B

  5. Hehe the best of lucks! Btw those cupcakes look DELICIOUS!!! Did you recieved my email? I send it to your google account...regarding the business haha

    The Black Label

  6. good luck! you will be amazing!!

  7. YUMMY!! Thanks for the recipe! :)



    The menu does NOT look bad at all compared to all the earlier tilapia :| and the cupcakes look DELISH! <3


Thank you so much for your Comments! I love hearing what you have to say. It gives me inspiration and motivation to continue being here : ) XOXO - N

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