TMI, Tight Belts, and Tilapia!

So Day 11 is officially (well almost) over.

10 to go! Eek!

First up I wanted to talk about my love affair, or not so much with my BFF tilapia. Yesterday at work, I wore a pretty high waisted skirt with a pretty tight belt (Ok I am taking the long way around to get to the point - bear with me). 

This belt was tight. Most of the time a good thing. Yesterday...not so much.

And I ate fish. I ate fish and I ate asparagus and then after all of that, I went home, changed in to work attire two. By the time I got to my destination I cold feel a little rumbling. Now perhaps my tilapia and asparagus were "stuck" in between my ribcage and belt because for a better part of the day, because that night, I was, well...having a bit of tummy troubles...TMI (too much information)? I do apologise. 

During this nightmare, I was having one of those moments where most people would say "oh I am never drinking again" I was having an " Oh I never want to see, smell or come near tilapia again...EVER" moment. I mean thinking about it right now is sort of making me gag (I'm lucky today is carb day - so no fish). 

After having a bit of a meltdown with the nutrition guy, I was able to convince him that for my sanity and stomach I MUST have chicken again! FOLKS this is epic for me. I have been living off white fish for a better part of 3 weeks and honestly at this point sometimes too much of one thing can be a good thing turned EVIL (i.e. my love-hate relationship with tilapia). So for 8 of my 10 days left, I get 1-2 meals of chicken instead of tilapia - Hallelujah! Cannot wait for the next 10 days to be over so I can say BUH BYE to tilapia for the better part of the summer FOR SURE.

Its way past my bedtime so I will continue to post of the next 10 days - the last LEG! :)


  1. Ohh to bad with the tummy troubles hehe...I couldn´t survive eating only fish I would hang myself in an algae ...ok that´s wierd but you get the point haha...congrats on going back to chicken haha

    The Black Label

  2. That sucks - the stomach troubles - hope you are feeling better today.
    Glad your nutrition guy gave you 2 days of chicken - for your sanity :)
    Great look btw. 

  3. Whoo hoo! 10 days. I wish you and your stomach the best success. It happens to the best of us, like when I was at subway monday morning with my boyfriend, I was like um we gotta go now. Had to race home. Take care girl!


  4. How funny! I have never been a big fish eater at all, so I totally feel your pain about the last few weeks of eating straight tilapia! Uh, I still haven't even let a piece touch these lips and its been over a month because i know Ill get my fill of it come contest prep! Your doing great and your almost there!!!

  5.  haha heart : ) ugh its the worst right?

  6. I know right?! Thank goodness I don't know how much more tilapia I could have taken!

  7. Gah! I cannot imagine having to live on fish alone. So glad that you don't have to anymore!  :)

  8. You are so close! I am so proud of you! (Also, just curious, do you find that your grocery bill has gone up or down while you were on your diet? Does the restriction lead to not buying pricey treats, or does all the protein add up?)

  9. Ooh LOVING that belt!  I can only imagine how 3 weeks of tilapia could totally turn you off it.  10 days left!

    xoxo,Chic 'n Cheap Living

  10. Awesome belt though!

  11. Lovely blog,so professional and inspiring,I follow u!
    Follow me back,it will be a pleasure!

  12. great post
    lovely blog dear.i am following you.i'd be really gratefull if u followed me back :)

  13. You are amazing, you really are :). You are there.

  14. Aww hope you feel better now (the fish drama) lol

    Fashion Rehab

  15. Ha ... you know, I have the SAME problem when wearing wide belts around my middle ... weird, huh? 

    ♥ Cat

  16. Uhmmm... 10 days?! That is so exciting!!
    Good luck girl, you'll rock it - I know you will!

    I had the same belly problems when I started into this crazy diet a few years ago.. It gets betters, I promise!
    And as far as the love hate relationship? That gets better too - after my first show I swore off tilapia.  Now its my dinner 90% of the time!


    Have a fabulous day!

    xo, Nicole

  17. Oh my! I feel for you... hopefully your body will figure out what you're trying to do and get more on board!

  18. Oh wow that sounds awful!  Glad you get chicken now instead.  

  19. Sounds dreadful!
    I hope you feel better ^_^
    But the belt does look nice.

  20. Awww hope you are feeling better sweetie, an upset tummy doesn't sound good at all. :(



    The Cat

  21. I love your belt! I'm a Vegetarian so I don't need meat or fish but i do miss chicken mcnuggets ; )

  22. That sounds like a totally horrible experience.  I hate having stomach problems.  Any feeling of nausea totally brings me down because I cannot stand stomach issues!!! @GlamKitten88  

  23. boo! i hate having an upset stomach <3 sorry sweetie that you had to go through that! but YAY for chicken! XOXO

  24. Yea, maybe that was a sign, that your body wanted to change it up! I hate fish...ick...well fish fillets, I like salmon and tuna in a can.


    Live Life in

  25. I stil don't want tilapia!


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