Fab 50


I want to thank you so much for taking the time to follow me and leave me such delectable comments. I read EVERY single one and leave a comment where possible. And of course visit blogs that visit mine!

Hitting 50 (53 and counting) is such an amazing thing for me. I am so thankful to all of you who have helped me get to this pivotal point! I was at one point just blogging with my girl JMay and had a friend in Tdot who read my shinanigans.

To have your support means so much. I am always looking for ideas inspiration, closet swaps etc.

For hitting the big five-o I am enlisting in my fellow blogger K to Shop my closet and put together an outfit for me! Sometimes it makes such a difference having someone else go through your things and put together something you never would have worn before. I think it's a FAB idea. I will be doing the same for K so look out for a post from her in the coming weeks :)

Thank you again loves....will post about the Closet Shop soon.

Until then...Here is a wonderful cheesecake I would like to share with you...too bad you cant have a slice (and neither can I!)

Secret Family Recipe (eek would be in major trouble if I posted!) If you want it I can email you separately...



Flora & Fauna


We are experiencing yet another wet and windy day in Ottawa. And while I would like to say April showers, bring May flowers, I am ready to hand up the jackets and scarves and bring out the sandals and sun hats. Its about time Ottawa saw some green! 

What more can say spring than floral patterns, and khaki skirt? 
Feeling springlike regardless of the weather....On to the pictures :)

What I am Wearing
Skirt: BCBG
Blouse: Garage Clothing
Sweater: Jacob
Shoes: Expressions The Bay

Gone are the Glasses


I had laser eye surgery on Friday and what a weird feeling it is to wake up and actually see whats going on! I keep thinking I have my contacts in and have to resist the urge of touching my eyes and wanting to take them out haha!

One of the downsides to the surgery is my eyes are super bloodshot so it looks as if I am a vampire...or was recently punched in the eyes. It;s going to be a few days of resting the eyes and recovering...thought I would post an outfit I wore a while back. Andddd it will show you the dress I have in my profile picture...:)

What I am Wearing
Dress: HandM
Clutch: COACH - Madison Gathered Leather



Lemon Yellow

Hello Lovelies

With the weather being as drab it has been the last few days, I figured what would be more fitting than to brighten the workplace up with a little bit of Sunshine - i.e. yellow.

I know the top is not as visible as I would like, so I will be posting another outfit with this gorgeous Yellow top which literally has been borrowed from Aunty B for the last year? I was supposed to alter it for her, but was going to sneak a wear or two before that happened :)

I cant wait for you to see the back of this blouse which is not work appropriate hence my second post. Which will happen after Laser Surgery. Its is officially my second last day with the Specs :)

PS I know the pics are not great but for today they will do! Camera was not the greatest

What I am wearing
Blouse: Bebe
Sweater H&M
Skirt: Smart Set
Boots: Hush Puppies

Have a great long weekend.



Gussied up for the Ottawa Gala


As you know I went to the Ottawa Gala this weekend with my good friend Divalosophy. I wont get into too much of the gala itself but post a few pictures of my dress and makeup. Pop Champagne does an amazing jop of describing just how the night was...a high school dance...sigh...

Well in one respect it was a great night because got to put on some cute dresses and have a great night out.

Dress: Marciano (its about 3 years old)
Shoes: Aldo (Available now and on sale!)

Here are some pictures of my Makeup



Laser Eye for the Glasses Girl


As you know I have been on a strict spending diet for the competition and also because the Fine Balance is finally getting some better sensory depth perception by getting laser eye surgery! 

Yes folks, N is soon to become glasses free. While I am freaking out DAILY and have enjoyed wearing glasses, I feel it has limited my ability to see (contacts unfortunately are not my friend - for the last year and a half I have been struggling with ulcers caused by contacts). So the time has come to say adieu to the glasses which I have worn begrudgingly for the last 15 years of my life.

I will post more about this in the next coming weeks as I am way to scared to discuss now. But wanted to tell you all that I have been doing a little bit of retail therapy (gulp).

My main purchase has been a must have piece for my wardrobe purchased from Mod Cloth - my first ever! I cant wait to wear it and often....

Here are a few pictures as an ode to the last week of glasses. 



MACing it up or BROWNing it out


I have major problems when it comes to finding the perfect concealer. I have brown skin so the under eye area can look dark more often than not. For the past few years, I have been wear Bobbi Brown Corrector and Concealer to work on this issue. While I do love the coverage, I find that it starts to cake after a while and create unflattering creases….I am just not sure what exactly is the best type of concealer/corrector for me.  I have also tried MACs liquid concealer that boasts 8 hours of coverage…I have to say that while I do like the lightness of it…I don’t think it lasts a full 8 hours.

In any case here is what I have been wearing….

Bobbi Brown Corrector
This is pink- or peach-based that helps to neutralize under-eye darkness and is designed to be used before Creamy Concealer. The product says it wont crease. The corrector is also infused with skin conditioners to protect the delicate under-eye area. Featured on Essence.com (March 2011)

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer
Once you've applied the Corrector, top off with a yellow-based concealer that instantly camouflages dark circles. It goes on easy, blends smoothly and stays put. Plus it’s infused with skin conditioners to protect the delicate under-eye area. Featured in 'Health' and 'Instyle' Magazines (March & April 2011)

Now its not to say that the corrector and concealer don’t work….its about the stayness factor….

Finally my FAVOURITE product from Bobbi Brown right now has to be their Long wear Gel Eyeliner!
This little tub is my favourite and while I am able to put the liner on the top of my eye and not have it move, I find that it "falls" if I apply it to the bottom….Do you guys have suggestions on how to make it stay? I have heard the MAC gel eyeliner is amazing…

What are you using these days?  What do you suggest for me?


Images are c/o Bobbi Brown

Peep Toes, Polka Dots & Pearls

My outfit today consists of three of my favourite things: 
1. Peep toe Shoes 
2. Polka Dots
I find this look has that sophisticated-ness and femininity from days past….Can anyone say Mad Men? 
Though my hair doesn’t seem to follow the beehive trend, I am in love with the classic look.  One thing I should have done perhaps is accent with red as can be seen in this 1957 photo…thoughts?

What I am Wearing

Shoes: Peep Toe From Italy (PrimaDonna)
Skirt: Zara
Top: Urban Behaviour
Sweater: Urban Behaviour
Jewellery: Pearls (My Grandmother)



Pretty in Pink


As you now I was at a bridal shower this weekend. And if I do say so myself, the Bride-to-be was a great sport with all of the games we played. We had a great time at Smokeless Joe's where we spent the better part of the afternoon and evening eating and drinking : ). An excellent way to spend a Saturday if I don’t say so myself!

My dress for the bridal shower was a pale pink/nude colour. I paired it with a great wedge heel from aldo as I figured I would be in them for a long period of time. Hence the ankle support. And I think they look pretty darn cute!

What I am wearing

Dress: Marciano
Shoes: Aldo (on sale now)
Necklace: Aldo Accessories
Lipstick: Chatterbox (MAC)

Smokeless Joe's


I am heading to Tdot this weekend (for those of you who don't know that’s Toronto for short)….I am affectionately allowed to call it the tdot, or t.dot.o as I was born and raised there (though I don’t judge if you want to call it that too :P).

I am heading down for a bridal shower. I am SUPER excited for it (and I'll be honest, I don’t really like wedding hullabaloo) but one of my best friends from high school is getting married! I mean how can you NOT be happy to share some joyous moments with a friend who taught me how to drive, who's let me crash at her place after I may have had one drink too many, She even held my hair when, at age 16, I unglamorously made her life I am sure a living hell (we will not get into details of a spring break vaycay)…

But one thing that is unbreakable is our bond. After 12 years of friendship, SK and I can call each other out of the blue or everyday and its as if no time has passed between us.

So getting back to the original reason for the post is the Bridal Shower! Its being held in this amazing little bar (Grunge (bar) meets Sex and the City (the girls all dressed up)). And to bring back even more memories SK worked there once upon a time!

They are known for their wide range and array of beers on tap (both local and international) ANDDDDD the one thing I am still allowed to eat (for now)….OYSTERS!

I am a sucker for them and can't wait to indulge (but still staying on the diet) this weekend!

Hope to post pictures from the bridal shower and my dress later on this weekend. If not when I am back on Monday.

Have a great weekend (enjoy because its going up to 20 degrees!)


Tenacious Tea

As many of you know, I am preparing for a fitness competition. With that comes many restrictions to what I can eat and drink.

One thing that I have rediscovered is Tea. Tea has been a part of my life since childhood. For many people, while alcohol was the centre of meals and get-togethers, our family came together over tea. When I was really young, I remember my grandmother giving me small sips of tea, letting it cool by placing a small amount in a Tea saucer for me. Even to this day, a meal is incomplete without Chai Tea. My family thoroughly enjoys the comfort that the warmth brings (mind you there are always great goodies that are accompanied with it)  along with the abundance of conversation, laughter and pure joy.

Tea is inspiring. So many different flavours and combinations to choose from. For example, today, my treat will be the Coconut Mango Oolong tea by STASH. Really looking forward to the tropical flavours - a change from the common English Breakfast, or Pekoe Tea.

Today's post will be short, but I wanted to leave you all with a little food for thought….

As a great friend told me "Women are like Tea Bags, you never know how strong she will get until she is in hot water."

Have you had a cup today?



Making it Up


Apologies for not getting a post out to you all sooner. I managed to take pictures and everything yesterday, even managed to write my entry, but sadly I forgot my camera at work and so could not show the outfit I wore.

I decided to show the next best thing.  This weekend, my girlfriend is having her Bridal shower in Toronto. There were talks of getting make up done etc. However, being on the budget I am, I decided why not BUY products that I could use for a good 3 to 6 months and do my own makeup, rather than have someone do it for me for one day, where the probability is that I will be disappointed.

So I decided to make a trip to the MAC store in Yorkdale Mall and picked up these three must haves for the spring and everyday use!

My MUST HAVE is the whirl lip liner…similar to the old SPICE liner that MAC used to produce. Reading up on the liners, it was brought to my attention that the formula for the old SPICE liner was changed to make it more chalky and brown rather than have the pink undertones.  How sad! Whirl is the next best think and really matches the shade of my lips well. I find that by putting the liner on, my lipstick stays put for much longer.

I also purchased MAC's fairly recent Viva Glam Gaga lipstick, this one is an amplified crème. I found that it goes one very "beige" but with the right lip-gloss its definitely become one of my favourite looks. Plus 100% of sales of VIVA Glam products goes towards the MAC Aids fund, what a great cause!

My last purchase was for a more pink-ier lipstick. As you remember I also purchased Faux a few weeks back. And while I like it, I wasn’t in love. Chatterbox is definitely my new favourite and can't leave home without it. It’s a great lipstick to add on top of the Viva Glam Gaga and Whirl Liner as well.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and favourite lip colours as well. Suggestions for my skin tone is also always appreciated and doesn’t have to be only MAC either!

White Stripes


It been one heck of a Monday. The weather here in Ottawa has  not made it easy. Gloomy and overcast, it's hard to find joy in the blustering winds, when a mere day ago it was clear blue, sunny skies!

On to some more exciting new for a Monday, in about 2 weeks time I will be going to the Ottawa Gala (which is looking to a great event)! The theme this year will be Midnight in Marrakech -Mystique of Morocco. The gala is a semi-formal fundraiser, with dancing and entertainment, put on by the Fund for a New Generation and supported by various local and national sponsors. Money raised is given to charitable organizations that benefit children in the Ottawa region including the Ottawa School Breakfast Program, managed by the Ottawa-Carleton Learning Foundation (OCLF) .

What a great way to support local charities while at the same time have fun, get dressed-up and dance the night away : )

Tickets are now on sale! You get them online <http://www.ottawagala.com/tickets_purchase_e.cfm>  or at these locations <http://www.ottawagala.com/tickets_locations_e.cfm>  so get your tickets and I hope to see some of your there

Now back to today....


Dress: Max and Cleo for BCBG
Tights: Jessica - Sears
Shoes: DKNYC
Fresh Water Pearls: Gifted
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