Cut It Out

The day I wore this dress, I thought “this is probably one of the coolest things ever” for a Wednesday.
Then my brother called. He has been backpacking his way through Europe and was on his way to the Greek Islands and Turkey. Now I’m thrilled my brother is experiencing the world, but in that moment I thought, “this dress would look lovely against the white houses in Santorini”…That, and it’s totally OK that I want him to call me and give me a play by play of where he is, what he’s doing, what he’s eating, what the weather is like, so I can vicariously live through him.

A.K. if you’re reading this Call Me. Maybe?

What I am Wearing:
Dress: Burlington Coat Factory (Boston, MA)
Jacket: Dynamite
Necklace: NYC, seen here and here
Shoes: DKNYC 

Rockin' Out with L. Boogie

It’s outdoor concert season and I’m about to do “That Thing” with Ms. Hill (Lauryn Hill) at Bluesfest. This is probably going to be “The Sweetest Thing” since seeing Erykah Badu last summer, but “Nothing Even Matters” right this second! ; )
What I am Wearing:
Shirt: Garage Clothing
Shorts: Urban Behaviour
Purse: COACH: Kristin Collection
Hat: bought in Little Italy Toronto
Earrings: Dynamite
Shoes: H&M

White Hot

It’s been scorching white hot temperatures in O town lately. Even my pictures are over exposed from the blistering sun. Not complaining. I thrive in heat. Though I wish I didn’t have to battle this awful summer cold…honestly it’s getting pretty old…If I wanted to lose my voice, or feel like I was listening to people underwater, I would live in a submarine and lose my voice the old fashioned way, like screaming my head off at a boy-band concert.

Sorry, it’s the cold medicine talking. Or is it?
What I am Wearing:
Dress: BCBG
Blazer: Aritzia - Boyfriend (Long)
Shoes: Ralph Lauren
Bracelet - Gifted
Earrings: COACH

Make Up For Ever: Apricotty Goodness

About a month ago, I did a review on Make Up For Ever's Pretty Pastel Eye Shadows. In my post I had mentioned that I really wanted to try their other pastel colours, particularly Vibrant Blue #118 and Apricot Orange Sheen #25. Make Up For Ever generously supplied me with both eye shadows to try out. I have to say from the two I am in LOVE with #25. Apricot Sheen is a perfect colour. It goes on with such a rich texture. The colour is vibrant and really showed. I found that #25 can be mixed with so many colours going from day to night time looks (browns golds, pinks, and blues)

I also have to mention how long lasting this eye shadow was. Even though I did not use a primer, I was able to wear this eye shadow all day and well into the evening without having to touch up or having creases form.
As I mentioned before, I am a new Make Up For Ever Convert and am in love with my other products from them including their lip gloss Lab Shine which is not sticky at all, and the colour goes on great with or without lipstick! I am usually never really a person who promotes products but I also love their Primer & Foundation.

Have you tried a Makeup Forever Eye Shadow? 

Blue Marine Mullet

I’m sure we’ve all done the “let’s put a word into Google and see what comes up in auto recall”. While trying to think up a name for today’s post, I decided to put in these two words “Marine” and “Mullet” and the first link on the page was a YouTube video. Curiosity peaked my interest (curiosity also killed the cat) so I clicked on it....and 30 seconds later I closed it. I’m still picking my jaw up off the floor and trying ever so hard to get that image out of my head. To give you a gist of what I saw - it was a Marine (i.e. US Marine) who had a mullet and was dancing to Back that A$$ up…you guys know the song….

So while I had a really great story for today’s outfit, this one trumped anything I was going to say.


note to self: bring sunglasses.

What I am Wearing:
Dress: H&M

Shoes: Nine West
Belt: Banana Republic
Jewelery: Necklace (Gifted)
                 Bangle: Gifted
                 Rings: Mexico and F21
Lipstick: MAC - Lustering

Can I Kick it?

As most of you know, I decided not to compete this summer. A part of me is ready to retire my bejewelled suit like Donloree, a fellow former competitor (she has an amazing blog Bikini or Bust). For the time being, (I’m using your phrase D) it’s a bust! That isn’t to say I won’t ever dawn the itsy bitsy bikini again, I’m just not ready to wreak havoc on my psyche, my health, my body or those close to me so soon. Last year, while I was prepping for my competitions, I went through many highs and lows, I had major tummy troubles, not to mention the post-competition blues. Though this time around has been different and I have been working with a great Team, a larger part of me just doesn’t want to compete.

I enjoyed the experience and I accomplished a personal goal and dream of getting on stage and competing. While I may not be dawning my figure suit anytime soon, Nini’s got a brand new pair of pumped up kicks just itching to be put on for my new challenge – getting ready for a 10 KM run. This challenge is by far more difficult for me as I hate running.  I mean truly hate the very idea of it. But, with one goal accomplished it’s time to set another. Hope you all will follow me for my new adventures and journey!
Asics - Love these shoes!
Who wouldn't love a yellow sole! (Google Images)

 Have you changed a goal recently?

Something Old Something New, Something Borrowed Something Blue

No I am not getting married, but honestly the title just worked itself out and it was hard to resist.

Something Old – my Roacawear Jean Jacket/Blazer. I kid you not but I have had this blazer since my high school days. If you were a girl like me in Tdot in the 90’s, going to school fairly close to downtown, it was imperative to have urban-chic clothes, listen to Jigga (Jay Z) and wear sneaker shoes with heels (wish I hadn’t got rid of those!)  It’s hard to believe that it’s made its way back into my closet after countless moves and closet purges. 

Something New – Recently I was approached by JACOB (A Canadian brand of clothing i heart!) who provided me with an offer I could not refuse…GO SHOPPING! This Beautiful dress is one of those items that I fell in love with. It honestly fits me in all the right places and I have been able to take this look from day to night(stay tuned for more posts!). The dress is currently available on sale here, as are so many other items at 40% off!

Something Borrowed – I have had these bracelets for a while now…it's really hard for me to give them back to the original day ; ) you can see them here, here, and here.

Something Blue – My sister recently took a trip to San Diego and brought back this Beautiful Seashell Necklace.

What I am Wearing:
Dress: c/o Jacob Crepe Tab Shoulder Dress
Jacket: Rocawear
Belt: Costa Blanca
Watch: COACH - Plastic Boyfriend Bracelet
Earrings:  COACH - Miranda Pave Huggie Earrings
Necklace: Sea Shell - Gifted from my Sis
Bangles: Permanently Borrowed 
Shoes:Primadonna Collection (Bought in Italy 2007)

See How great that worked out?! PS Happy Canada Day : )

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