Mustard Seed

There once was a time when I wouldn't be caught dead wearing colour, let alone mustard yellow and blue together. In fact this get-up brings back some faded memories. It reminded me of kindergarten and the primary colour paintings that a lot of us made before nap time. I can almost smell the non-toxic paint (or wait…was it non-toxic back then?) and see my 4-year old self with an over-sized paint brush, three pots of paint (red, yellow and blue) making a horrible mess of things, while at the same time thinking 3 lines of dripping paint on construction paper were a masterpiece.  Let's be honest, I would still have fun painting with an over-sized brush, three pots of paint and construction paper. And yes, I would still think it’s a masterpiece. Old habits die hard...

What I am wearing:
Cardi: Atmosphere (UK) - Gifted
Top: RW & Co.
Jeggings: Garage
Shoes: Nine West (Model:Flax)
Necklace: The Bay (this necklace came with a big stone which I took off)
Bangle: I got it from my Grandma :) 

Do any of your outfits make you nostalgic?


There are some days where nothing but a LBD (little black dress) will do. This dress was a HAVE to buy after I saw a wonderful friend rock it to work almost 2 years ago! What's even better is when that HAVE to buy item is on a double clearance sale. Sometimes there is nothing better than scoring a great piece at a bargain.

Legs are looking a bit pasty....yuck....

What I am Wearing:
Dress: United Colors of Benetton 
Scarf: Hand me Down
Boots: Hush Puppies
Bangle: Coach

Snow Bunny

This past Saturday, on a blistering cold day, Kat from a Second Glance and I decided to venture out and take some pictures of our snow gear. When I say cold I mean -30 Celsius! For my American friends, that’s -22F. Normally I balk at the very thought of being outdoors, let alone agreeing to being outside willingly, but a decision had been made to get together and so we did (Kat I must like you a lot ;)).

Though cold, it was a bright and beautiful day. Kat and I took turns taking each others photos between running back to the car to warm up. It was definitely a day for a warm mug of hot cocoa that’s for sure.
What I am Wearing:
COACH (bought last year)
COACH Oscelot (Last year)
COACH (2 years old) …I'm sure you can see a theme here….but that’s what happens when you work for a company for 3 years!

What do you do to keep warm during the winter? How do you brave the cold?

Red, Black & Gold all Over

I personally don't thrive on cold, but one of my favourite things about the colder season is outerwear.
If I could have it hover just above the freezing mark, I would probably be the happiest person in the world. It's cold enough for those wool jackets, but not cold enough for me to throw fashion out the window for the sake of being warm.

My favourite item has to be the black scarf with gold specs that I received as a gift many years ago. Its not just the scarf but the sentimental value that is holds.

You may be wondering why am talking about the scarf so much. Sadly, about a week after these photos were taken, the scarf was stolen....from my desk at work. :(

It was a very sad Friday afternoon when I discovered it was missing as I was getting ready to home. I'll admit I did cry on the bus ride home and people may have thought I had lost my marbles, but in that moment I needed to grieve for something that had brought me much joy. I am sad that someone I work with felt the need to swipe the item, I have to hope that the new owner will take care of it as much as I did.

I will however take that person out if I ever see them in the halls wearing it....I kid....not...

My favourite scarf...le sigh....

Jacket: Old Navy
Scarf: Gifted

Has something you liked intensely gone missing from work?
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