The past few weeks have been busy beyond belief. Somewhere between insanity and plain having lost my marbles, I've decided that I can manage three jobs, gym, studying, cooking? and have a semblance of a personal life. Most people tell me to cut back, but my problem is I ENJOY having things that keep me occupied and busy. I am a bit tired, but I feel that having this drive keeps me in balance. Personally, I prefer to do SOMETHING rather than plant my butt in front of the sofa most evenings. Granted, I do enjoy curling up to a great movie now and then, but ask me about what's going on in the world of television and I really don't have a clue.

And I have to be honest. In recent days, MOST mornings I scramble to get ready and be at work on time. So my outfits stray towards the simple, classic and my favourite NO-FAILS.

Personally I find a great button up shirt can be dressed up or down in so many ways. I decided to pair my burnt orange coloured shirt with a classic black skirt. My twist - a funky pair of rust coloured boots to change the outfit and its look.

 What I am Wearing:
Skirt: Smart Set
Blouse: Simons
Boots: Town Shoes 
Hat: F21
Scarf: Gift

How do you deal with the time crunch? What are your thoughts on multiple jobs? How do you wind-down?

Bang On

As promised, I am committing to produce one quality post a week. 

This week's dilemma is a discussion on hair...again. As most of you know I received the Hana Professional Flat Iron. ave I mentioned that I am in love?

But my question today is about bangs. It seems every now and again, I get the urge to do a fringe. On the days it works, well...It look fabulous.
And the days, it doesn't....It can be a nightmare.

What are your thoughts? Bang on this winter season?

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