imPress Manicure Canada VoxBox - Review

I recently received two packages of Broadway imPress nails with my latest VoxBox. At first I wasn't sure if these were just the stickers to put on nails, but realised very quickly they're a type of fake nail that says it doesn't damage the nail bed and literally goes on like a sticker. No mess. No added glue. Just peel off the back and apply.
I received two different styles - and it boasts that it lasts up to a week.
some of the nails were a little too short for my nail bed - you can see my pinky finger as an example.
They come in this cute little nail-polish looking container with many sizes and a whole lot of extras. Currently I have been wearing mine for a day and a half, washed dishes, showered, and they haven't budged.
My main complaint about these nails are that they are too square. While the kit does come with a nail file, it was not big enough to complete the job. I would prefer something that had a little more of a roundness to them.
I have only been wearing the nails for a day and a bit, and so far they are comfortable and don't feel too different than my own nails. imPress boasts that it will last an entire week, so I'm curious to see how long it lasts. imPress is available in Canada (yay!) for $8.99 for plain colours and $10.99 for the pattern. What annoys me is that these nails are available in the States for $5.99 USD and $7.99 USD. All in all i would recommend these nails, especially if one needed them for a special occasion.

Have you tried imPress Nails? What are your thoughts?

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