Pop Tarts & Coco

If you like trying new foods, Boston is such an experience for the tastebuds. During my visit, my sister and I went for brunch and 647, for if you can believe it, pop tarts. I must say only in America, can you get pop tarts for breakfast with a grown-up twist. I can’t remember the last time I ate an actual pop tart from the box, but this one was homemade, fresh and stuffed with rhubarb. If you get a chance to go, visit 647 for their pop tart flavour of the day. They have some other amazing brunch options as well. Did I mention the coffee was amazing?
I loved the idea of a hug mug!
Chocolate and Caramel Fondue

Following this sweet delight, dessert later that day consisted of visiting the Max Brenner chocolate shoppe. I have to say, I was slightly disappointed in what I thought was going to be the highlight of my trip in Beantown. My hot chocolate was a bit runny, and the chocolate fondue was wasn’t that great. I don’t want to tout any horns, but I am pretty sure I make a pretty mean fondue. Sadly this was not worth the calories for me but the experience was delightful. The inside is somewhat like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Exposed piping have been refitted and labelled so you think that there’s actual chocolate flowing through them. While the concept  is great, they need to rework the biggest part of their menu…chocolate!
This was extremely rich...I think I would have preferred fruit.

Have you been to Boston? What are your favourite eats?

Mike's Pastry

Mid-March I finally made the trip to visit my sister in Boston for the first time in the 4 years she has been there. I loved Boston and its probably one of the best American cities I’ve visited. I loved the architecture, the coffee, the sights, and of course the food! On one of my days there, we explored the city walking, went to the outlet malls in Wrentham, and I even managed to get in a workout at her dungeon gym so I didn’t feel too guilty for eating the most amazing Italian food EVER! 

Stuffed with pasta and red wine, I had no room left for dessert. But my sister insisted that Mike’s Pastry was a must in my exploring Bean Town.

As we walked over to this pastry shop, I was floored to see a line up at 9 PM on a Thursday night…right out the door! Maybe my sister was on to something! We grabbed two Cannolis and headed home. 4 of us sampled two Cannolis with left overs to boot. Rich, light and creamy, I don’t think I have ever had something so delicious.

My Favourite….Pistachio.
yes that's the crazy line up inside to get these famous pastries!

the line up continues outside....

The box of deliciousness....

The rival Cannoli place a block away....
Back at her place taking my first bite...I was Sold.... : )

Pistachio and Hazelnut flavours....

Have you tried any amazing eats? 

Shades of Blue

In early February, I decided to take a long overdue trip home to Toronto. My usual weekend trips were put on pause when right before Christmas, when I took a huge fall and ended up bruising my tailbone. Not a fun time. But, gradually I got better and I drove home to spend my weekend with family and friends to rejuvenate my spirit.  I took some time to hang out with Lady S. We spent time gabbing (and shopping of course) at Vaughan Mills and sifting through racks of clothing we came across this dress. I just had to try it on and for the price-point (under $30) it was a no brainer.

Our chats led to discussions on how every experience we have can evoke a different set of emotions, feelings and thoughts and that all of us go through them with varying levels of intensity. It’s like a colour palate with thousands of hues. To me, blue could be represented as sky blue and to Lady S, blue could equate navy. While we all look at things in manner of ways, it boils down to this – What we perceive does not mean that it does not exist or is wrong, but just different shades of blue.

What I am Wearing:
Dress: H&M (Purchased February 2012 Still available!)
Sweater: Hand me Down from Cousin A
Belt: BCBG
Shoes: Nine West
Ring: Larimar Stone Ring Dominican Republic  

Come Alive

This outfit post was taken in the dead of winter. I feel…faded! Honestly this outfit is not inspiring, but is reflective of how the cold, drab and dreary days make me feel. No matter short this winter has been, it almost feels like I am not living life in colour, hence the greys and blacks. It’s time to retire these drab clothes and come alive…

I'm not sure if the detailing on the dress is visible.
What I am Wearing:
Sweater Dress: Alfred Sung (Thrifted)
Sweater: BCBG
Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: Nine West 

Elements of Freedom

Golden Handcuffs. 

I use this phrase a lot. Not just when it comes to work, but exercise, and food too. They’re all just pieces of the puzzle and at times can be elements of freedom, but also a modus operandi - like dangling a carrot in front of a horse to get it to go from point A to point B. My life, is a patchwork, incorporating elements of freedom: it requires patience, demands hard work, can sometimes be overwhelming, liberating, restraining and satisfying.

One of these elements is competing. I love challenging my body, restricting foods (freeing myself from a high carb diet), and being the best possible version of myself. But I HATE getting on stage (this is not free-ing for me, in fact, brings about a tonne of anxiety).

But that doesn't mean I am going to give in to my fears. The plan is to continue paring down as if I am going to compete but the goal in mind right now is to do a fitness photoshoot (May 2012). If I feel up for it I will compete, if not, well I can always wait till other summer dates or even October!  This time around comp dieting has been relatively easy! I’m already down to my competition weight from July 2011. Looking forward to the changes to come. 

Young, Wild & Free

Being a generally calm, collected, organised Virgo (yes, typical), the very thought of summer, (oh summer!) changes my outlook on not only the days ahead, but also the shenanigans I could get up to. March gave us a taste with 27C but then also -17C. It's honestly a night and day difference. The warmer days, I throw caution to the wind. When the sky is blue, the days longer and the nights warmer there’s nothing I’d rather be or do than live young, wild and free…

 What I am Wearing:
Skirt: Thrifted (TWIX)
Blouse: F21
Shoes: Ralph Lauren
Bracelet: Gifted

I Just Tweed-ed

Some outfits are just not as inspiring as you would like them to be. We all have pieces that stand out (ex: tweed jacket), look wonderful on the hanger, and are fun and enticing. But pairing such a piece to work over and over again can be difficult. I am not sure if I truly love this combination, but...some days it all comes together and others…well…it’s tweed-le blah.

What I am Wearing
Blazer: Dynamite (circa 2003)
Skirt: Club Monaco 
Lace Tank: Talula (Aritzia)
Shoes: Nine West 

Make Up Forever Ever!

What girl doesn't like to be pampered and treated to some makeup goodies! Before I went to Boston…yes I went to Boston and no I haven’t posted my pictures…yet. I was approached by Lindsey from Make Up For Ever for a meet and greet at Sephora at the Rideau Centre. I wasn’t sure what I was going to be doing but I was more than happy to be their little guinea pig for an hour as they applied some amazing makeup treats for me.

Make Up For Ever was created by a painter and sculptor, Dany Sanz in 1984. She wanted to develop an all encompassing line of makeup for fashion and show business professionals to achieve any different effects that any makeup artist could want. Aside from high performance, it was created to be wearable too!

During our chat and discussion of the products that Make Up Forever has to offer, we zoned in on the HD Complexion Starter Kit which I think is just fabulous!
It comes with the 4 things you need to achieve a flawless face, minimize pores and and get a wonderful glow.

PREP: the HD Microperfecting Primer
Now I have been an avid used of the primer already but this is one of the best products out there! I love that prpvoides a nourishment for skin and protects from driness. To apply, lightly dab with fingertips or use a sponge in a downward motion.

COVER: HD Invisible Cover Foundation
I was happily surprised with the foundation. Normally I don’t wear foundation because I have always found it to be to heavy, making my face feel oily and thick. But the foundation went on soft, smooth and light…no heaviness here! The foundation is oil-free so no need to worry about the T-Zone becoming shiny. The Foundation comes in 26 colours and whats great about the starter kit, YOU CHOOSE your shade! No need to guess if your light medium or dark. Try it on and see which one works best.

FINISH: HD Microfinish Powder and Kabuki Brush
Finally! The finishing powder is the best selling product for Make Up Forever. It really does give that polished look. And I have to say. Ive been wearing it all day and haven't had to touch up once.

Its available at Sephora stores across Canada or at makeupforever.ca
Take a look and try, you’ll be happily surprised.

Have you tried Make up Forever?  What are your Favourites?

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