Highs and Lows of Competition Prep

Cupcakes (yes I am calling you that...just roll with it)

I recently had what I would call a MELTDOWN...yup a full blown tear-jerker in front of my Trainer. Trainer (as we will now call him) is a lovely man (I don't think he would like to be called lovely, I would say maybe sarcastic dry sense of humour?) who has been helping to whip my butt into shape and take no nonsense from me. I honestly love working out with him and feel I push myself well beyond the point I normally would. He is fabulous!

I was having a bad day last week and decided to hell with this god-awful diet. I am going to splurge, buy a cookie, throw out HALF and just enjoy a little guilty pleasure. How crazy is that that? Normally a fruit would have sufficed, but that too is off limits for me right now. So, I go and eat this half cookie and low and behold TRAINER CATCHES ME! What are the chances of something like that happening? I felt so guilty about this cookie that I didn't even get to enjoy it and stewed over it all day and was fretting over my following session with him the next morning. I was even thinking of excuses not to go and hopefully he would forget what he saw.

Instead I sucked it up and went. Trainer asked me about the cookie and I full out cried. It was ugly and awful and just plain wrong! But he rolled with the punches. And was more than supportive. I really thought I was in for a HUGE scolding.

Regardless of my Meltdown, I am 60 days shy of competing and I CANNOT WAIT! I love the training aspect of it I mean I adore being in the gym. Crazy right?
It's the dieting and limiting what I can eat that makes me crazy. I have however found a great group of fitness bloggers who have been helping me move along just by listening to their stories. BikiniorBUst is one of them as is my Twitter friend and fellow competitor @BeccaheartsEggs. Its wonderful to have people out there take no nonsense either.

And when those people come and tell you well "what's one bite? And what's one sip?" Or want to "tempt" you to fall off the rails, that's when you need to stick to your guns the most.

I am learning this the hard way. And I ask you now more then ever to help support me in the last leg of my journey, because I can only surround myself with people who are positive and can SUPPORT me...(not judge or question or make fun).

So...this has clearly turned into a rant but the point of this post was also to tell you about my Carb cycling and what I am eating for the next few weeks. Which is why my emotions are so high and low.


  1. My first year of competing I was very much so "what does that one bite matter" mindset... sadly it caught up to me which is why I think my dieting mindset is TOTALLY differnet this year. You CAN do i though! and WILL do it! ... and I cant wait to see you on stage in July! WOO WOO! 

  2. It's only 2 months, you can do it! I'm also tempted to say it was 'only half a cookie', but it can indeed be a slippery slope... so forget about it!


  3. Awww, you poor thing, it's ok, you learned your lesson :)  Sorry I'm behind, but what are you training for? 

  4.  You can honey!!! patience :D

    xxHave a nice weekend :)www.sickbytrend.com

  5. Sometimes, I think a trainer's purpose in life is to make his student cry.
    Mission accomplished.
    Now get big and buff and come back and whoop his butt.

    http://www.glamkittenslitterbox.com/Twitter: @GlamKitten88 

  6. 1sillaparamibolsoMay 20, 2011 at 4:06 PM

     I think this would be a fun/casual look...
    great post honey!!!!!
    xxx =D


  7. asecondglanceblogMay 20, 2011 at 5:15 PM

    Clearly, your trainer has a second calling as a P.I. I'm glad you have your fitness bloggers as further inspiration... I KNOW you can do this!!

  8. it sucks that you got caught with the half cookie...it was only a half cookie! but kudos to you for still bearing with it--only 60 days left. i pat you on the back for your perseverance with training...i couldn't give up cookies or fruit!

  9. geesh, the one time you were noshing on a "cook" and get caught by none other than the dude you're trying to hide it from, that surely blows! awe, the meltdown sounded so hard. i wish you the best success, many blessings!

    and good gosh girl, your 1st photo shoot was a leather and lace triumph!!!! i loved viewing every supreme shot, what an awesome photographer, you look lovely lades. happy weekend!
    pea ess: thanks for your comment the other day too. i usually tack in a few bobby pins in stealth locations to keep the slippery headband scarf on. i didn't have to touch it all day that way : )

  10.  Oh man! I laughed OUT LOUD. So much stress about the cookie. I have done things like that as well. Usually it has to do with nut butter though. I have bought jars of nut butter and then had to put soap and water in them and rinse them down the drain because I couldn't be responsible. :) You are SO NOT ALONE. Put the cookie behind you and keep going. I am doing the 'drink a huge glass of water and then see if you still want your treat' trick. Usually by that time I no longer want it. :) 

  11. I feel like I'm totally the kind of person who gets caught that one time I'm not doing what I'm supposed to. I can totally relate. I cannot relate to being so good with a diet/exercise. I have a problem with eating a lot of sweets sometimes and definitely am bad about working out. Power to you!

  12.  wow congrats on this! i wish i had more self control like you! good for you!!! 


  13. Wow. I in no way think you're crazy for loving the gym- I'm a bit of an exercise fanatic, and am always looking for new ways to challenge my body. But the food deprivation- particularly the deprivation of something as simple and natural as fruit- is something I could simply never put myself through, no matter what the goal. I wish you the best of luck with the next sixty days, and hope you'll indulge yourself with something really wonderful once the competition is over :)

  14. I wish I loved being in the gym but alas I only enjoy Zumba class- nothing else.  I eat chocolate (in some form or another) every day so I don't think your trainer would be too happy with me!

  15. I'm a little late here but I just want to say that that one half of a cookie really won't make a difference in the long run. It just doesn't. And like others have said, just put it behind you. You'll do great. Just keep plugging along. My philosophy is that if I'm going to feel guilty then I better not eat it and if I'm going to eat it I better thoroughly enjoy it!! Good thinking, huh?

  16. I've got friends training for competitions, and I know how hard it is.  I'm going through similar struggles--I've been suffering from a running injury for the past 6 months and am just now getting back into my running, heavy lifting and pylos.  My heart rate is ridiculous--I feel so out of shape!  But since I tend to eat clean, it's hard when people tell me to eat junk.  It's also hard not to want to eat that junk!  Just have faith in yourself and your goals.

  17. ThegetinshapegirlJune 9, 2011 at 9:16 PM

    This isn't forever girly.  All that naughty food will be there to eat when you are done.  But the glorious thing is that you won't want it when you're done!  You might not want fish for bfast, but you won't want junk.

    Next time you get fixated on a treat, distract yourself with a tedious task that requires THOUGHT.  its scientifically noted to help in these situations.


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