Shoe Shrinkage and Grocery Growth

Today I was asked a question posed by on of my readers and though it would be good to share!  Bright Smile asked me whether my grocery bill got more expensive since Prep training?  The Short Answer: Yes....The long on my friends!

While my feet have been shrinking, my grocery bill has been increasing. 

I feel an bit like Cinderella because I have lost my shoe walking on a few occasions now. Its like that will pretty much all of my shoes, flats, sandals, heels…Flip flops or the only thing staying in place right now. So I have resorted to stuff the front of my shoe because I refuse to spend any more money right now. I purchased all this stuff for tanning and its burned more than a hole in my pocket ….so tissue it is.  And I finally have Petite Feet! Not small enough to steal borrow from Auntie R…She's a 5.5 and I'm now a 7...
can you see the gap at my heel?
Back to my Groceries: It's not necessarily because of all the fish and chicken and other forms of protein (though it does add up), its also because I am adding other things into my diet that I never had before and that requires going to specialty food stores, like Organic foods. I have invested in a good coconut oil because I cook with it for the most part and I LOVE the taste. Did you know that you can cook with coconut oil at high heat temperatures but not so much with olive oil?

At the same time, I am incorporating things like Omega Oil, Flax, chia seeds, Salba, and other forms of flour (for baking later) that cost a pretty penny. At the same time, I have invested in a lot of seasoning. Club house has been one of my favourites to work with but I have also tried other great additions - like Harissa. In addition to that, egg whites, Greek yogurt, natural peanut butter, gluten free breads and cereals are more expensive than your average box of cereal so, my I may feel a bit of a hole burning through my pocket, I feel its worth it. I feel better with what I am eating and I know I will be eating this way post competition too for the most part. Costco has been a great life saver. I find buying in bulk has helped to reduce a lot of the costs. They have a great Organic Quinoa available and when I was drinking almond milk, I could buy it by the case.

Finally, I have pretty much stopped eating out, do not spend money on alcohol and all other disposable income has gone to things like my competition suits, tanning supplies etc. so in a sense it does even out!

I still have to answer one posed to me which I promise I will but I thought it would be best to answer when I back on a "normal" diet in 10 days If you have any other questions let me know!


  1. It's coming up so soooon! AGGGHHH! So psyched for you! :)

  2. Eeeeeee!  I'm so excited for you!!  I'm sorry, I know I tell you this every single day!  But I really CAN'T WAIT!!

    I get the grocery cost question a lot too.  Because I eat mostly vegan and organic, a lot of my foods can get pretty expensive.  BUT because I can't really go out to eat a lot (except for Fresh!), I save a lot of money that way.  Plus I've never been a drinker which is a bonus.

    Thank goodness for Costco and their quinoa!

  3. Totally get the cost thing. Since I've been trying to eat better, healthy recipes require products that one would not have readily available in their pantry!

    Live Life in

  4. I've been trying to convince my husband that we should get a Costco membership & I think you've just given me another reason! We live 2 hours from the closest Costco & he hates big box stores but I've been looking for Quinoa at a decent price for quite awhile. All I've been able to find is tiny packages for enormous prices so maybe I can convince him to give Costco a try!

  5. I can so relate to you regarding the bigger expense of groceries. Now that I am eating more healthy and adding more protein, seeds (the ones you mentioned), organic peanut butter, egg whites and everything else you mention, is more expensive. I can so relate. I so know what you are talking about. But if I do not eat the way you have mentioned, then I will gain back the weight for sure. 

  6. Yeah, the foot shrinkage was a shocker to me!  I was trying to buy a pair of black heels for a photoshoot (by the way, get one of those lined up for either right before your comp or right after, you won't regret it!) and I had the hardest time!

    I agree about everything balancing out.  Eating out at restaurants (which I have been doing WAY too much of) is expensive.  I think my comp diet was actually saving us money!

  7. Weird!!!!  I haven't tried these yet but I have them on the way - they are shoe inserts that might help from - I don't know if it still works but there is a 15% off code:  XXP

  8. We have our grocery shopping down to a science, lol. We know how much everything cost and buy the same things all the time. We don't eat out either and when we look back at the money we spent on eating out that actually was making us fatter it makes us sick, so we try not to think about it lol. I guess the question people need to ask themselves is what is  health worth to you? So many folks complain about the cost of grocery's when they "try" to eat better but then they'll spend thousands of dollars on weight loss pills, gastric bypass, lypo, I could go on and on....  Whats wrong with eating healthier and working hard? Can I get a AMEN!!!!

  9. AMEN!
    I'm so tired of people tempting me with treats! I totally want them don't get me wrong but I feel better after greek yogurt and berries you know?

    would love to “break bread” at home with friends who want to eat the way I do,
    rather than spend unnecessarily at restaurants. For food I am never really satisfied

  10. Ohh thank you! I am going to take a look!

  11. 2
    photo shoots are booked! 1 and 2 days before the competition I am sooooo
    excited and nervous!

  12. I
    SWEAR by Costco! I love that place and they have so many healthy options its

  13. I
    LOVE your enthusiasm! Honestly it helps me stay on track and on point! J Thank you for your words of
    encouragement and keeping me excited too, at times these days, my energy gets
    pretty low.

  14. I know some totally fantastic healthy/vegan/raw restaurants in Toronto! When you come visit let me know and I'll give you a few recommendations (over brunch?) That way when you visit you can (occasionally) eat out and not feel like crap!

    And your feet shrunk? That sounds like a nightmare! (Mostly because I love my shoes so.) Will they go back? Do you have to buy all new shoes?

    P.S. Very interesting about your grocery shopping. No really! I love grocery shopping, and always find it very interesting what is in other people's carts. (And how much they spend since I'm always looking for a deal!)

  15. Well im happy to know that coconut oil tastes good. They recommend it a lot in "Skinny Bitch." I know it is good for heat. Ill make my mother buy some. That is crazy that your feet are shrinking! Why is that? Well when you go back on your normal diet I have a good protein pancake recipe for you. Its just 3 egg whites, a cup of dry plain oatmeal, and a pinch of cinnamon. I put organic peanut butter on it or sugar free maple syrup. You can thin the batter to your liking, oh yeah you put it in the blender and then cook it over heat. Maybe you know this already. Ok lady hang in there! I think of you at the gym haha is that weird? I went to turbokick yesterday for the first time and it was so fun and intense! I loved it. 


  16. that's nice that you're balancing your budget, and ya eating out does cost a lot! same as alcohol if you buy them at bars and clubs. I take omega supplement all the time just because I only eat fish like once a week

  17. Being a vegetarian, I also have very high grocery bills because soy protein is much more expensive than meat and I have to take a lot of vitamins to supplement as well.  Do you think your feet shrunk because you're losing weight and toning for the competition? (I've started spending my free money on spray on tans so I feel ya!)

  18. SunnydaysandstarrynightsJuly 7, 2011 at 7:53 PM

    Like someone posted below, I am a vegetarian so I find my grocery bill is higher because of the cost of soy and vegetable protein. 

  19. melissa cunninghamJuly 7, 2011 at 8:01 PM

    wow! i hear ya about the increased bill AND shrinking feet!
    just hang tight girl...
    9 more days!!!!

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  21. Oh WOW! I too have been experiencing the mystery shrinking feet! I was an 8 1/2 for YEARS! Now I am wearing either a 7 1/2 or and 8! It is making me crazy as I LOVE my shoes and have a great collection. I don't know what to think of it! Any idea why this is happening to you (and me)?
    so only 9 days to go!! Good luck and I admire your dedication. I know the food part is HARD!
    You're already a winner in my book!

  22. I thought I was the only one who's feet got smaller too!!  wow.  And you're eating will never go back to the way it was before now.  we'll never be able to settle for sub-par meats & ingredients again!


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