One Week Out

As a promise to myself, 

I am continuing with my daily posts until show time. Today was crazy. mad amount of cardio, followed by work, followed by Erykah Badu Concert equals Nini getting home at 11 PM tired and exhausted. And Hungry. 

I've eaten all my meals for cant sneak anything...but I swear, I almost went down to the car where I've stored all my goodies in the trunk because I am SO tempted. HOWEVER, common sense prevailed, and as my tummy rumbles, I am just going to write this post and go to bed : ).

This is what's in the fridge now...yes a COSTCO size jar of pickles are in the back.
On another note, while I was at the concert I received a text from my nutritionist. It totally got me PEEVED! We had discussed me meeting him on Monday morning bright and early for a final follow up. He texted me half way through Erykah's set to ask when I could meet!? Excuse me? How could he have forgotten that we had our scheduled appointment  already (he's done this before and it makes it seem like I am not important)? 

Anyways we rescheduled for Wednesday. I know its probably my emotions that are running high, but I started crying at the concert. And, I still have a lump in my throat. I just feel down right mad/upset/frustrated!

Reminding myself though, its only one more week. One more week.... Serenity now....

What do you do to cope when you're upset?


  1. That would annoy me too!  (about your nutritionist) it's like come on now?? Get a freaking date book or something. I can't tell you how many times I just force myself to fall asleep to avoid eating or snacking on something ! haha it's a good remedy!

    Live Life in

  2. NOT a cool move!  You are just overwhelmed and exhausted.  Just keep reminding yourself how far you have come and how close the finish line is.  This happens to me sometimes when I'm training for a race.  I become more irritable and upset if a training run doesn't go well or if I get injured, etc.  You just have to think about crossing that finish line (or walking that stage) and then it all seems worth it.

  3. I am still super excited for you.  You better tell us everything.
    EVERYTHING. @GlamKitten88 

  4. That stinks.  Just keep in mind people usually have good intentions and aren't trying to be evil.  That is what helps me cope!

    Did you love the concert?xo,SarahGet Up & Go

  5. wow it sounds like such a rollercoaster! i tend to go to zumba to try and release tension, dancing + music always works well for me. hopw all goes well soon :)


  6. Just cry it out.  I'm sure your a little extra emotional, but that's pretty disrespectful that he can't get your appointments correct.  Hypersensitive or not, your feelings are valid.  Like you said, ONE MORE WEEK!  I am soooo excited for you!

  7. Flakiness like the kind that your nutritionist displayed is one of my biggest pet peeves, so I totally understand your frustration. When you make plans with someone and they act as though they were never made or just magically forget, it makes you feel like you're lower on their priority list than they are on yours :( But you only have one more week and you can do it. We're all rooting for you!

  8. Let the emotion out and laugh at them later.
    Emotions will run high as you are depleted.  You'll wonder later-- who was that woman that was crying , and find yourself laughing looking back. Hang tough!

  9. Have fun honey!!! :D

  10. I love Erykah Badu, her voice is incredible.
    I give you an blog award, Come and check it out

  11. Sorry to hear that your emotions are currently running high and about your nutritionist not remembering scheduled meetings. Jeez!

  12. He's definitely extremely unprofessional to forget a scheduled appointment with a client! It would frustrate me beyond belief too! Especially since this is the last stretch of the competition prep and he really should have his act together. As for dealing with emotions... I agree with "Matreenanoland's" comment about letting it all out and laughing about it later! 
    you'll be through this in no time! <3 

  13. Hang it there! Recognize the emotion and just ride it out.  If you can't meet your nutritionist just be confident that you already have the tools to see you through to competition day. - Kat


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