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The weekend is finally here! Time to catch up on some lost sleep, cook, clean and do that laundry that’s been piling up - yes you know its true! Before the weekend officially starts, I wanted to start a weekly “column” about fitness. Hence Fitness Fridays. As much as we want to kick back relax and have that beer, treat Friday night as a weekday. Don’t forget to get in your workout, particularly if you know you will be splurging on treats over the weekend. Continue to remember that everything in moderation is ok. So having a few drinks wont kill you, but drinking to excess where you’re feeling like death the next morning isn’t going to help.

Become a “Weekend Warrior” put on that game face and get outside. Whether it’s a quick jog or a workout at the gym, do something to stay active. It’s important to let both our mind and body let loose, have fun, but stay in shape. It’s easy to plop ourselves down on the sofa and have a Big Bang Theory Marathon, but take time to come out of your sugar and food coma long enough to get your heart pumping. Did you know that if you get in a good cardio workout, you can still burn an additional 35 to 40 calories after your workout? This is because your already elevating the levels in which your heart is working. Give yourself that love because at the end of the day if you don’t take care of that fabulous-self, no one else will!

The weekends also gives you the flexibility to get in a workout mid afternoon (where you energy levels may be more elevated) compared to a late evening or early AM workout. One last but very important component of your fitness program that you shouldn’t overlook is stretching. You can do this between sets you’re working out. Stretching is essential in preventing injuries and keep you from getting too sore. You can also do it after your cardio session when your muscles are good and warm! Be sure to stretch every muscle and hold each stretch for at least 10 seconds without bouncing or straining.

One last option (but not the least!) is to supplement your weekend workouts with yoga or pilates. These days you don’t need to spend a large amount on classes, just pop in a DVD and take it from there. You can find some great ones out there!

So remember its the weekend, get out there and get motivated!

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  1. Oh geez, wish I would hve read this 3 days ago! So off the wagon this weekend I feel disgusting. Back on track this week there is no looking back.


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