Beauty of Burnt Orange

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I am back after yet another bit of a hiatus. The Fine Balance has been feeling slightly under the weather the past few days, but she has not forgotten her lovely readers and vows to post on the regular!

Today I was feeling more fall-like than winter or spring and felt the desire to wear something that was reflective of crisp fall afternoons, clear blue skies coupled with hues of red, yellow and burn orange leaves crunching beneath a pair of knee high boots. Clearly the world outside is very different - ice cold, grey, and just plain awful. That is not stopping me from expressing my love for the Beauty of Burnt Orange and its possibilities to make my Tuesday a little more bearable.

What I am wearing:
Top: H&M
Skirt: BCBG
Jewelery: bangle (I got it from my mama!)

- it’s a half shot as i took it of myself….

I have also decided that Fridays will also feature a new section on Fitness! So keep on reading friends, it will be a new addition to the blogging currently underway. Today I am meeting with a nutritionist-who is also a three time Serbian bodybuilding champion along with placing 15th in World Bodybuilding Championships. We are planning on discussing a Metabolic Typing Diet. In essence it teaches dieters how to first assess their own metabolism and then to choose a diet that fits their own body type. Working with a professional is important for them to assess and monitor your food intake and see what exactly forks for your body and what doesn’t. An easy way of understanding this is green light, yellow light and red light foods. Those on the “green” list are foods to be eaten all the time, Yellow light - foods to be eaten in moderation, and red light - foods to be avoided in general. According to the metabolic typing diet, there are 6 metabolic types. Unlike other diets that recommend the same plan for everyone, the metabolic typing diet recognizes that everyone is different and has their own special needs. Sine our metabolisms differ, our diets need to be reflective of this as well.

Hope you all have had a happy Tuesday!

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