There are many things I want to say in my first post. Firstly, to the phenomenal women who have come into my life in full force. You’re inspirational! This blog would not have happened if it wasn’t for one of those phenomenal women - my friend Julie who does a little blogging of her own. And to all the others who’s wisdom, words of encouragement and warmth will also be woven into my own story - which I hope some of you will read out there!

As you can tell, my blog (first ever) will be about the many things in my life that I love and am passionate about - the triple F: Fashion, Fitness, and Food. I wanted to call this blog a fine balance because I feel we all walk the tightrope of juggling many different things in our lives that are important and worth talking about. It’s a balancing act - learning how to not get totally consumed by one thing or the other. For myself, I try to take a holistic approach to life - incorporating my three favourite Loves (it was hard to choose) and creating a balance in what my friends know - is very hectic but rewarding life.

So why the triple F?

Well those of you know me know that I am inspired by clothes. I love how a great outfit can just make your day go so much better, the way a pair of comfortable pumps can put a spring in your step, or how a piece of jewellery can put that twinkle in my eye. Particularly where I work, the fashion - Gatineau-chic- as I like to call it, is at times questionable. Though there are those that still never fail to surprise!

Most of you also know I moonlight as a Personal Trainer. Before I became a Servant of the Public, I worked as a Kinesiologist and I miss my past life dearly. It’s so important to incorporate physical activity into your daily life. Personally for me, it keeps me sane, helps to relieve stress and it is addictive. So to keep up with my craft, I continue to work with clients and myself. I have decided that in order for me to give the best possible advice to my clients, I am going to enter my first Fitness competition. I am 23 weeks away from competition date, so part of the blog will discuss my ups and downs with Competition prep, (the dieting, the exercising, but most of all giving tips and inspiration to those out there to get fit!)

And last but not least - FOOD. The best conversations, happen around food, and its cultural for me. I have grown up in the kitchen surrounded by extended family, eating together, laughing together, and loving together. The same has transpired with my friends (who’re family) where most of our time spent together has been with a good bottle of wine, cheese plate or some scrumptious meal. SO why not talk about some of the best meals shared along with some recipes.

Since this is my first blog and my first post I hope I wont disappoint and I hope I will be able to deliver. I’ve decided to dust off the pieces of me that are important and share them.

As the talented Jill Scott would say, I’m living my life like it’s Golden…

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