Skirting the Situation

So a reader of mine (wow I cant believe I get to say I have readers) asked me a question yesterday. How is it that I wear skirts and dresses to work everyday and not freeze to death?

Well the answer lies in the equipment. I do a lot of online scouting for clothes trends and accessories but one thing I also avidly look at are warm, durable, boots. Here in Ottawa, where temperatures can hit a balmy -38 I am still able to make it to work in a dress because of this most amazing purchase of Australia Luxe boots. These boots are made of sheep skin (like Uggs) but the best part, the have a built in leg warmer that I can stretch all the way up to cover my thighs and keep me warm on those blisteringly cold walks. Now they may not be the most stylish thing, but they have been well worth the investment. Previous to purchasing these boots, I was wearing my uggs (which are shorter than the Australia Luxe) and wearing leg warmers underneath. This is a much better option for when Winter is starting (i.e. -15). You can purchase shorter leg warmers and long ones as well. Mine have been bought from H and M (in an array of colours).

Here they are Below.

No outfit for today, but I will post it tomorrow.

My exercise tip of the day is to break up your workout routines. When you’re in the gym concentrate on a different body part each day or every other day. For example Mondays (Arms) Tuesdays (Legs) Thursday (Chest and Back) Saturday (shoulders and Abs). By breaking up you workout you allow you body the rest time it needs to recover from the lactic acid build up. It also allows time for your muscles to build and heal rather than tear and injure. I’ll be adding some pictures for exercises and the weeks go by. Again take the time to work on yourself, because if you don’t, no one else will!

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