Rouge Red

Happy Heart day everyone! This morning I was not really in the mood to celebrate, but as the day went on, things got brighter :) Lovely people remembered me today and sent candy-grams to my work. Not to mention a co-worker baked cookies on the lower end of the GI (glycemic index) scale so I could enjoy along with the others. How an Oatmeal spiced cookie and a little heart that says “Marry Me Today” can turn the lovey feelings on in full force! So all you couples out there. I hope you embrace this day to show someone you care just how important they are.

To my single ladies! Well what can I say? This weekend I had the pleasure of spending a night with two amazing single gals. It was a gastronomic experience! Delicious food (Lasagne to die for!) and Desserts to make your mouth water. In addition to lovely dinner, The conversation was abundant, the wine was flowing as was the eye candy so carefully selected for our viewing pleasure (for those of you who enjoy some dark chocolate - pick up Love Jones). And, I was also introduced to “the Perfect Man” - How can you go wrong with that?

Honestly not planned, but the easiest thing to throw on this AM, I ended up looking more festive than planned

What I am wearing:
Sweater Dress: Simons - Twik
Jewellery: Necklace - Coach Miranda Collection
Bangles - Borrowed indefinitely.
Shoes: Coach

I am not 21 weeks out from competition date. I have solicited the advice of a nutritionist to help me plan my meals to ensure my body will be in the best shape EVER for July 16. I have 2 weeks left of mini splurges on food before the major clean up of the diet comes (4 weeks of it), followed by strict 16 week competition dieting. Hope all you lovely ladies will be there to support me! My tip for today is that its NEVER too late to get in shape. I love food as much as the next person if not more, but its all about moderation. As I was telling a client today. Think of your nutrition and eating habits as a job. Monday to Friday your are on a stricter regimen. When the weekend hits go ahead and splurge on that piece of cake or scoop of ice cream - its ok! But during the week try to ensure you are able to eat as healthy as possible. Save the sweets and treats!

Till next time : )

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