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It’s back to Monday and Monday mornings can be tough with the Monday Blues and Winter Blahs (will it ever end?) setting in. We’ve all had a great weekend - sleeping in, having brunch and indulging on that extra glass of wine. So it’s understandable that when Monday rolls around, its hard to be upbeat and ready to take on the week full force.

It’s only fitting then, to glam it up on one of the toughest days of the week. Hence wearing a bit of Glamorous Green! Green is a calming and refreshing color, representing nature, youth, lushness and nature. Green is easy on the eye (our eyes are usually most sensitive to reds and yellows) and provides a sense or serenity. Why not try continue to be less stressed with clothing you wear? Green also represents prosperity and fruitfulness. Why not try to feel wealthy (even though you may have emptied the bank account on that shopping spree) and fresh for a great start to the week.

What I am Wearing

Blouse: Femme Carriere
Skirt: Smart Set
Shoes: DKNYC
Jewellery: Boyfriend Watch and Necklace Miranda Collection (Coach)

Mondays are also great to take stock of how much you have deviated from the healthy eating and exercising. Take the time to rejuvenate and start fresh by getting back to the “routine”. Change up what you’re eating to make it more appealing. Instead of always having that banana and almonds for a snack, what about a half cup of Greek yogurt (packed with protein) and some delicious berries?

Happy Monday Everyone.

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