Modern Take on the Traditional Suit

It’s the beginning of March - and a new month gives us a chance to turn over a new leaf and take on world in a fierce way. I decided that the month of March should begin with that fierce attitude by wearing what I call a Modern Take on the Traditional Suit. Let’s face it - there is nothing more appealing (to me anyways) than a man in a suit, and the same applies for women as well! It signifies assertiveness, confidence, sex-appeal and a certain Je ne sais quoi!

While the traditional two piece, same shade suits are a classy alternative to any workday, I prefer a little more of an edgy look to transpire a bonafide basic into a contemporary classic.

For today’s outfit, I decided to go with the skinny pant in a dark charcoal grey, paired with a lace tank top, teamed with a ever useful black boyfriend blazer. Simple, refined, and ready to hit that boardroom meeting if need be! Originally I started out with the Classic Black pump, but decided to throw in some colour…Hence the red shoes : )

What I am Wearing

Boyfriend Blazer: Smart Set
Lace Tank Top: Talula - Aritzia
Skinny Pants: T. Bantrum - Aritzia

Shoes: Nine West

Jewelery: Necklace (New York) Bracelet: Store in Delhi, India

Today’s Fitness/Health Tip is for those who are trying to stay (and get back on track) for that beach body (Less than three months to go ladies!) and gorgeous gams as we shed the heavier clothing and get into those flirty spring frocks. For most of us the hardest thing is knowing just exactly we are putting into our mouths and bodies and refer constantly to a few great websites to help count those calories and track their nutritional content and value. One of my favourites is - on this website you’ll find just about any food (and brand) you eat, available with the nutritional information and content, different portion sizes. Next time you really want to know what’s really in what you’re eating and don’t have the wrapper on hand, take a gander at that website.

A Demain,


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  1. i love this outfit! i want your pants! and thanks for the website! i always end up throwing out the packaging and while i'm eating - i wonder what's in it! xoxo


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