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I have been having VERY LITTLE luck with heels these days. I have tried many a pair and my feet just end up screaming at me for days to come, and my shoes ultimately win the "Battle" of "Breaking it in" - and infact they break ME.

Now I know that Fashion and a killer pair of heels does not necessarily mean comfort. But is it so hard to find ONE pair of 4 inch heels that I can wear in the office and out on the town? Somethin I can look stellar in and yet, can feel my feet three days later, because let me tell you, my feet STILL hurt!

I also know that there is no one size fits all in terms of comfort but if any of you have come acroos a great pair please, PLEASE please let me know…

I am enlisting your help in finding these magical shoes because after the day I had yesterday, I am worried my feet will outright REJECT a beautiful pump from the sheer sight of them...



  1. My cole haans are the most comfortable heels I own. I got two pairs on ebay!

  2. Hey! You have such a nice blog!
    I would love to invite to an event! Do you have an email where I could send you the info????

  3. I find most heels make my feet hurt after a f ew hours, doesn't matter if theyre $200 or $60. I think I'm just not meant for silettos lol but gosh they do look nice

  4. always go wedges. of all the heel i wear, they are tops!!! :)
    thanks for follow, following you back, cant wait to see more of your posts!!

    Lydz xX

  5. Dont buy these shoes. They are replicas and look very bad. You could save for real Louboutins (which is a real nice investment I think) or buy cheaper ones. Since you can't even walk for longer time, I'd suggest to better save the money for a nice YSL Arty or something. Shoes will get used.

    So don't visit these bad China Pages (China Wholesale, Cheap Louboutins, free shipping blalba) anymore girl.

    By the way, following now ;-)

  6. Want a pair but no matter how expensive they are it will still HURT! Your blog is really well put!

  7. No worries! wouldn't buy the fake ones. I just used it as a prop picture :)

  8. I've learned that it's all about finding the brand that fits your feet best. They all have their own arch (which for me is the absolute necessity when finding perfectly fitting heels), and for me I've discovered that above all other brands, Steve Madden works best for me. I have some gfs who swear by more expensive brands, some who can go to Aldo and find a great pair every time....but for me it's SM all the way. Some good tips for everyone:
    -go with a thicker heel if you can...there's more support that way
    -two words: hidden platform. They are the shoe gods' gift to women. They absorb the impact on the balls of the feet, which means you can last longer
    Hope this helps!

  9. These are excellent tips! Thanks you : )


Thank you so much for your Comments! I love hearing what you have to say. It gives me inspiration and motivation to continue being here : ) XOXO - N

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