Stripes & Solids Take 2

Every once in a while, I have an inspiration block (i.e. when "winter is coming"). The last few months have been no exception. I've been on permanent defrost since mid-October. Though I have some great holiday inspired outfits, I needed to "feel" warm again. Enter fall throwback. I took these pictures back in October and finally felt a calling to post them, I mean how cute is that elephant necklace?

What inspires you when the weather wont cooperate?
What I am Wearing
Blouse: Dynamite (now ships to the U.S.)
Jeggings: Dynamite
Necklace: Gifted
Purse: Coach
Shoes: Tory Burch Wedges

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  1. I love your striped top and your Tory Burch wedges. I have never owned a pair of Tory Burch shoes but they are a top wish item for me (as note by how many times I include them in posts!).


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