Change is Coming to the Rideau Centre

Change is (finally) coming to Ottawa’s Rideau Centre. For someone who has grown up in Toronto, one of the hardest things about moving to Ottawa was that it really was not a fashion destination. The Rideau Centre at that time didn’t have stores like Zara, Forever 21, H&M etc.

Last night select few of us were given a glimpse of what Rideau Centre will be transformed into. It includes stores such as J Crew, Victoria’s Secret Nordstrom and one other secret retailer which will be announced today (Im crossing my fingers it will be H&M).

Delicious Treats

With some lovely Ottawa bloggers Enter Kelly and TinFoils Tiaras!
What I am Wearing:
Dress - Aritzia
Necklace - Aldo
Shoes - Anne Klein (Town Shoes)  
Are you excited for the change?


  1. You oook so pretty dear. Looks like a fun night. Yes, Ottawa is very different, but so glad you guys are getting more places there now. x/Madison

  2. So many beautiful girls, it seems to be a fun night <3

    I want to invite you to join my giveaway!

  3. You look freakin' awesome in that dress.

  4. you look totally awesome. I also have friends in Ottawa and they are also super excited for these stores opening. It is about time they joined civilization!

    Glass of Fashion


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