Red Velvet

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The next few posts are scheduled posts – I am away catching some sun in Mexico

Given that my parents grew up in a British colonized part of East Africa, I learned a different set of words that are not normally used within Canadian Vernacular. For example: the trunk of a car was often called the boot, Jumper instead of a sweater, a pinafore instead of a sleeveless dress. I’ve always loved that word. Pinafore. It sounds almost as delicious as Red Velvet. Put those three words together and I am in heaven…And I get to say it as I am wearing a hand-me-down red velvet pinafore for this outfit.

Dress: GAP (old) Blazer: H&M Shoes: DKNYC Belt: Costa Blanca Necklace: COACH


  1. Great dress - love the colour!

    Kate xo

  2. I never knew that! Australians have also kept a lot of terms I think are British in origin. My roommates would say something like 'The takeaway will be ready at half-noon this arvo.' (well, you get the idea). Anyways! This dress conjures up wonderful visions of the holidays ahead - yay!! I love love the cream and gold belt over top. I could see this working well with an eye-catching dickie collar - something bejewelled or lace, perhaps.

  3. Somehow the word pinafore does do a lot more justice to your beautiful velvet dress than, well, dress does :) Hope you're have a wonderful time on vacation!

  4. I always thought pinafore was an older Victoria word for an undergarment like petticoat or something? Either way your dress is classic. Hope you're having a blast in Mexico!!

  5. Gorgeous dress0love the texture and the deep red colour :) I use all those words as I am from Britain, sometimes I have to think when commenting on others blogs whether to use 'my' jumper or 'their' sweater' haha!! Have a fabulous time on holiday.



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