Everything but the Kitchen Sink Apple, Black Bean & Chic Pea Salad

My cupboards at home rarely contain any treats. on any given day the most exciting things you will find is a can of Tuna (or sardines) rice cakes, chia seeds and a few cans of beans, and maybe, just maybe some chocolate chips for baking. Having my pantry bare, forces me to eat fresh and eat foods that have an expiration date (Fruits, veggies). And when it’s not in the cupboards, it’s very unlikely for me to actually trek out to a grocery store for something full of sugar or savory, like chips. In my mind, nothing is worth the comfort of my home, or the cold blistering snows of winter. For those of you who are trying to get back on track, empty your kitchen cupboards and pantry of all the foods that you know you shouldn’t be eating (cookies, chips, sweet spreads etc.) and donate non-perishable items to your local food bank. NOT having these items at home will make it less likely for you to sabotage your own progress. Believe me I have a big sweet tooth and if cookies were staring me in the face I would eat them…but since they’re not there an apple does nicely. What most people don’t remember is that an apple or a bowl of berries (or your fruit of choice) is just as likely to curb cravings for sweets as a bowl of ice cream, but without all the guilt. 

On this fall day, I was craving something both savory and sweet. I had a few apples kicking around, a cucumber and some celery that needed to be eaten up before a weekend getaway. I also really wanted to stay away from meat so I decided on making a salad using up all the leftover perishable food I had. I used everything I could find in my pantry as well as my fridge and came up with concoction!You cna use whatever seasonings you like or your own additions of veggies (if I had any, I would have included red onion, peppers and maybe even kale).

One Granny smith Apple (half)
One Macintosh Apple
1 can on Black Beans
1 can of Chick Peas
1 tsp. Cumin
Salt and Pepper to taste
Freshly squeezed lemon
¼ cup of corn nibbles

 Whats your Favourite Homemade Salad Recipe?


  1. Mmmm, that looks so yummy! I eat a ton of salads all summer, but this one is probably one of my faves.

    Also, if you are ever looking for salad inspiration I keep a bunch of salad recipes saved here: http://sprng.me/b668p

  2. Wow this looks very hearty and super healthy. I must try this, it seems very filling too. My pantry d
    rarely contains canned food, i mainly buy fresh produces/fruits for my family. It is true that if you dont stick up the processed foid, you will most likely force yourself to eat healthier options. However, i start to think that it woukd be good to stock up on canned food for emergency.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. I'm not sure why I don't use canned beans on salads more often. They are seriously so easy!

  4. This sounds really interesting. I love all of the ingredients! I have many favourites, one is a kale bean salad as well! :)

  5. That looks tasty but I am so picky I wouldn't eat it, ha ha.
    (hmm, not sure you'd be able to get it for $35 but you can certainly get it online and ship it to you ;) )

  6. I'm a big believer in moderation - I definitely eat sweets and chips, but I'm lucky enough to have the discipline to only eat a little bit at a time. As long as I don't see them in front of me, I don't really think about them. I love fresh foods equally, if not more, and this recipe sounds great! Must try it soon :)

  7. stirdivantss@hotmail.comNovember 15, 2012 at 5:23 AM

    Looks so yummy. I needed a chic pea recipe so thanks for that. My fave salad recipe is: red bell pepper, cucumber, kidney beans, and tomatoes with red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, and paprika. yum.

  8. I must have been a squirrel in another life because I am only am peace when I have about 2 months' worth of food supplies in my cupboards, fridge and freezer. And I lived through the ice storm in semi-rural Ottawa ;) But you are SO RIGHT about eliminating temptation. I only crave sweets at work, where they stare me in the face. This salad looks yummy and healthy. Love that it can be thrown together in a pinch.


Thank you so much for your Comments! I love hearing what you have to say. It gives me inspiration and motivation to continue being here : ) XOXO - N

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