Purely Simple

So its been a few weeks since I met with TRAINER and let me tell you the work out was great the conversation was great and I am so torn! I don't know what to do. I could continue to kill myself a work as much as I do. Or, I could step up, be a woman and recognize that there are other resources available to me and that I will have to make more of a concerted effort in my workouts. The answer seems purely simple right?

No its not! I sort have been gauging myself and my workouts and well they're no where near as much as I can do when someone is watching.

Ugh….I hate making decisions.

What I am Wearing
Blazer - Zara (I spent al ittle more than I normally do but I always buy classic pieces that I know I will have forever. I kid you not)
Jeggings - Seven Jeans
Shoes - The Bay (Expressions)
Watch - Coach 
Rings - F21
Lace Tank  - Aritzia  

What do you do when you're faced with a "simple" decision? Because let's face it, they tend to be more complicated than we think!


  1. i love your blazer!  and i'm not sure there's ever an easy answer.  it's just the one you can manage the best.

  2. Just gorgeous!!!!  I'm the worst at making decisions - I tend to take forever.  It helps to kind of talk it out with a few people you trust to get different points of views and way everything out in your mind!

  3. Love ur blazer :D You may wear it combined with short..


  4. Have you thought about doing classes at a local gym? I'm like you, if I'm working out by myself I don't push myself nearly enough but when I'm in a group setting I try to keep up with everyone else which keeps me on my toes.  I joined Goodlife a couple of months ago and I LOVE their group classes (Body Attack is an incredible workout!) Great blazer- very elegant and definitely a timeless investment piece!

  5. Lovely blazer and the watch is fabulous..and hey you looking all sexy in that lace top!!

    The Black Label

  6. It's so funny - I've been dealing with the same decision! My strength workouts have been lacking. I really need someone to kick my butt! Last year I did all my weight lifting with my trainer while I was in cross country season (aka my motivation to lift is nonexistant) so that helped to keep me strong, but she got a new job. I need to find a new one - it makes a huge difference!

  7. Your classic blazer is perfect!  I love the whole shape and look of this outfit!
    Good luck with your decision making!  I solved that problem by becoming close friends with a personal trainer...now we work out together all the time, and it doesn't cost me a cent!!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  8. I know what you mean!!! 
    Love the classic look! That watch is awesome!
    ♡ from © tanvii.com

    P.S. I need someone to go running with right now!!! 

  9. Do you keep a record of all your reps and weights when you work out on your own? I find that always pushes me to beat my own record in my next workout. I've only ever had one personal training session and I honestly prefer working out on my own! 

  10. love the whole look - especially the blazer!

  11. You know...I dont...I guestimate lol...I think its time to get a bit more serious and start writing EVERYTHING down...thats the only way to chart progress. 

  12. Awww thank you darling! do you have a blog I can visit?

  13. you know what I have and I realise I am not a class person....I like working at my own pace. I also feel that I have two left feet and cant keep up! Then again maybe its time to get out of my comfort zone and just do it!

  14. love the outfit!


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