39 days...Say What Now?!

O. M. G.

OK people I am at the finish line. 39days away. And officially freaking! Super excited yes but gosh darn it some of these girls are Fit and Fab now! I need to get me some defined guns ASAP! I want my deltoid to come in but I am not seeing it. Is it time to get nervous? I don’t know. I really don’t know!

Yesterday was a relatively good day. Somehow I have managed to  get in 4 L of water ( on top of the coffee and tea I drink.

I am nervous people. I am looking at pictures of other competitors 39days out and lets just say I feel like I have A LOT of work ahead of me. I'm am sticking to the Meal Plan like clockwork but am going through emotional cycles. One minute I am fine and the next stressing on the inside :S

I don’t know what to do to calm myself. I WANT THIS! But I worry my body wont be ready.

When in doubt do what other bloggers have done and that is talk about food and what they are thankful for!

1. I am Thankful/Grateful for Fabulous New Friends and Bloggers
If you're looking for inspiration, look no further than these women who have helped me get through my worst days.
Becca seems to go through the same emotional mood swings I do but always has such inspirational stories. I look forward to reading Everyday!
Donloree is ALWAYS available for great support. and This woman is about to write a book!
Stacy a figure Competitor posts her food and amazing recipes that I drool over and is such a source of inspiration.

and There are many more. Each day I am amazed my so many wonderful people out there.

2.  I am Thankful/Grateful for my baby sister.
She is my number one supporter - why? Or how do you ask? Well she brought be dessert gum from the States and hand delivered them to me in Toronto this past weekend. I mean a sister who will travel all the way from Boston to give me some relief in my sugar cravingness is a life saver and NUMERO UNO in my books! Its all thanks to Becca who inspired me to pester my sister to bring them. I have to say the orange popsicle flavour and key lime is ok…Strawberry shortcake can be by passed.

3. I am Thankful for Carb days.
The last two weeks I have been having a REALLY REALLY tough time eating my carbs. I feel like garbage literally on those days. But I have found a way to help satisfy my sweet tooth craving and keep me from going over the edge. I made some sweet potato chips in the oven and I gobbled them up so yummy and delicious and really worth all the thin chopping. On half I put cinnamon and half I put paprika and chilli powder. Watched them bake and then tossed them together when they were crispy…It was delightful. Do any of you however, have tips on how to slice these to a thin point to make them crispy? As much as I loved them, my hands were getting numb from the thin slice-age lol.

Yep! I made those!

4. Hamburger Salad days (That's Today!).
Clearly this post is now all about food. So I might as well continue with it. I recently discovered that I can make hamburger salads on my meat day. I have to say this is probably one of my favourite meals of the week by far. A little bit of mustard, salsa and a half a pickle makes this meal a winner in my books!

5. Huevos Ranchos.
In Ottawa we have this amazing breakfast place called the Manx. They serve one of my favourite breakfast meals known as the huevos ranchos where they make your eggs, put in on a great tortilla with black beans, salsa, hot sauce and salad.

My version of this is
Egg whites a tbsp of SPICY salsa (reduced Sodium by PC - oh PC I love you!) a few jalapeƱos on top…can we say YUMMMMYYYY….

SO that’s what I am grateful for today. Sister, Gum, Carbs, Protein and new friends. 


  1. I've never been to Manx for breakfast, and I LOVE huevos ranchos - I'll have to try it out! And those sweet potato chips look so yummy :)


  2. You're making me so hungry N! I'm sure you will do great at the competition- your body is banging! I've never been to Manx either but it sounds great!

  3. I'll say a prayer for you sweetie! I hope that you are right where you want to be in the next 39 days:)

  4. You´ll get there and you´ll be looking amazing!! Love thos chips they look good hope you saved some for me hahaha....Huevos Ranchos..over here..and in Mexico they are known as Huevos Rancheros...its the same thing..and they are yummy!!!

    The Black Label

  5. Your doing so great. The up's and down's are all part of the process and in the end you will be thankful for them. Well at least I was. Sometimes when I think back to hard days, the days when I questioned my body compared to other girls it makes me want to cry. I was doing so well but when I looked at other girls I thought I was failing. Just put your blinders up Miss FineBalance and keep going because YOUR AWESOME!!! 

  6. You should get a mandolin slicer, they are GREAT for thin slicing! (They look like this: http://www.amazon.com/Oneida-Polished-Mandolin-Interchangable-Slicer/dp/B0009HHZ20)

    Alternatively, if you want to spend more, I use a cuisinart with the slicing attachment.  Less chance of cutting yourself, but you need the kitchen space, and a bit more money, so maybe start with the mandolin? (And be careful with your fingers!) (http://www.cuisinart.ca/cuisinart_product.php?item_id=117&product_id=101&cat_id=7) 

  7. Ur doing good! You are very dedicated and passionate and I think this blog is really cool to read cause of that. As for slicing potatoes, I use the slicer on the side of our cheese grater. I dont know if yours has that??? Carbs are the devil, I need to stay away from them.  ok well hang in there homegirl!


  8. How do you get your sweet potato chips to look so delish!? Whenever I make mine, they always end up half burnt, half soggy--help!!!

  9. You're doing AWESOME! And there is no time to be nervous; you have a world to overcome!! I wasted tons of time freaking out and being nervous. You are DOING this thing. :) :) So proud of you and excited for you! WOOT!!!

  10. SO EXCITED FOR YOU! It's coming up sooooo soon! :) Get it, girl!

  11. how the hell did you take in 4L of water in one day?  you deserve to win just for that.

  12. Get yourself a mandoline slicer for those sweet potatoes.  It slices them perfectly! You are so close!  I have loved following along on your journey.  Isn't it funny how all of us competitors go through the exact same thing at the same time during prep!  I was powering through that dessert gum...like two pieces at a time at 39 days out! Hang in there!!  You are going to kill it on stage!

  13. Hi! Thanks for the comment!

    Following you from Portugal*

  14. ThegetinshapegirlJune 9, 2011 at 9:17 PM

    Don't stress over it girl!  Everything will come into place when the time is right.  You will be amazed at what goes on during "peak week."

  15. Hey Nini!!

    I can't get enough of your blog girl. A a competitor I know exactly how you feel! I remember when I was a first time competitor, It was the most amazing experience. You seem to be doing everything right!! So keep at it, you are going to do great! I Know it!! xox



Thank you so much for your Comments! I love hearing what you have to say. It gives me inspiration and motivation to continue being here : ) XOXO - N

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