31 Days...

Ok Friends.

The next 31 days are going to be challenging so please bear with me as my posts are going to become a bit more Contest Prep related. I will throw in outfit posts where possible but I feel its important to document and discuss some of the things that I have been battling this week. I want to go through this process again so it will be important for me to look back on.

1. Blogs.
I have been reading a lot of blogs. Many of people who are going through or have gone through contest prep and it must be my luck or something, but I find every one so chipper and happy (or maybe I am just in a pessimistic mood?). Where are the ups and downs people? Were there none? I have become this constant pendulum of emotions. One minute I am happy as a Duck swimming in her pond, and the next I am a blubbering idiot. Am I just going through these emotions on my own? Did any of you who have done competitions feel this way?

2. Food
I have been battling myself with food. I am 99.9% on track but I wonder if the condiments are making me keep the pounds on. I have been eating salsa with my meals, maybe a pickle, mustard, hot sauce and gum. All staples and I think I would go mental if I started removing all of these things from my diet and I already feel VERY restricted in my meal choices. The Food one of the most important aspects of training should be fun. I am NOT enjoying it.

3. Progress pictures.
My Progress Pictures were taken this week. I wasn’t impressed. I feel like there wasn’t a significant improvement this week if any at all. I feel like Bridget Jones. Remember the part where she rewinds and fast forwards her butt coming up and down the fire hydrant? I keep flipping back and forth from picture to picture lol (flip, flip, flip, flip, flip).

4. Suit
I got my posing suits yesterday! I am so happy with how they turned out. But I feel like I have MAJOR work ahead of me to be ready to showcase myself in those itty-bitty suits….it really emphasized my flaws…hmmm.

5. Loving Contest Prep.
As much as I complain about it, or feel down, or sometimes worry about not being ready, NOT ONCE have I felt like this wasn’t something I WANT to do. I am Hooked people. I love training. I love that I have found something that makes me happy. I am not athletic. I don't play sports. But I love lifting weights, being in the gym and looking GOOD. I am proud of what I have accomplished so far. In fact I haven't been happier with myself. This is a challenge - mind, body and soul and at times is trying, but I'm smitten.

: )



  1. I can't wait to see the pictures from your competition! I know you are going to look AMAZING!

  2. Every time I read your posts I'm always amazed at how much discipline and motivation you have!!  It's natural to get down every once in a while - maybe the other blogs you are reading are just portraying the positives.  Everyone has their own way of dealing with situations, some need to "vent" to get it off their chest and then see the positives, others push negative thoughts aside completely and focus only on the positive.  I don't think there is a right or wrong way, only your way!

    You are doing absolutely amazing and I look forward to hearing more about this crazy adventure of yours that I could never relate to ;)

  3. good luck at everything and so happy that you are on track! did you get those extensions btw?

  4. loving this reflective post of yours ! good luck with everything dear :D
    you have such great motivation by the way !!

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  5. this is so amazing what you are doing! i could never do it. keep up the good work, girl!! you rock!

  6. The others aren't happier and chippier, they're just hiding their frustrations! ;) One more month and a half, you'll be great!


  7. I can agree with what Karine said... I often find myself glossing over the difficult in favor of presenting the positive. First, it helps keep me "up", second - I hate to whine. Lol. It is hard. It's very hard. It's hard every single day. Each rep, each set is a challenge. There reaches a point in EVERY workout when I think I can't do it, just can't. But I do. I have an amazing coach who believes in me, and I have a fledgling belief in myself that I'm slowly allowing to spread wings and fly. I can do this. YOU can do this. WE ARE DOING THIS. It takes amazing discipline and passion to get to 31 days out from show. You're going to rock it, like you've done every day before. Can't wait to see the suits!! :-)

  8. Oh my gosh, YES, I have the ups and downs! I have yet to completely break down, and I feel like mine are pretty moderate to those I've read about from other competitors, but there are some days when my trainer pushes me to do something and I just don't think I can do it. I get a bit upset and I keep myself together, but it's hard! Sometimes I just want to shed a tear and get on with my workout. Alas, no waterworks yet, and I've managed to push through. I'm having the same thoughts about condiments...I've dropped weight every week except this past one (and I know the reason behind that--not 100% on last week), but I feel like my body fat % isn't dropping fast enough!!

  9. Just saw that you are transitioning more over to blogspot now. Wanted to say that I am a huge fan of your blog and will definitely be following here, but hope you will check back into my tumblr from time to time :) 

  10. i just discovered your blog. i'm wondering what this competition is that you are taking part in? seems tough!

  11. Oh, darling I know what You mean. At the moment I have the same mood. There is some ups and downs. and there is no explanation to downs. Or I just ignoring some facts in my life which are worrying me.
    Hope it soon be better.
    ♥xoxo Ra


  12. I wonder the same this sometimes when i read blogs lol. Thanks for your lovely comment.

    xoxo Monroe
    Fashion Steele NYC

  13. Keep up the good work! You're so honest about having ups and downs, it's refreshing to read about. 

  14. OMG my dear... I have the ups and downs too, this is the life...BUT
    You are doing absolutely amazing, be patience and strong, but above all keep up the good work!


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