Penny For Your Thoughts...

Many of my non-Canadian readers may not know this, but Canada is getting rid of the penny because it costs more to make than they’re worth! Yup that’s right. If something costs $1.41 and you don’t have exact change, well, you’re in deep doodoo. Haha kidding! Of course there are provisions in place with the penny being abolished. I don’t want to bore you with details but you can read more here if you’re really that interested. How I see it, there’s no need to hoard pennies given that Canada has about 30 billion of these the little buggers in circulation every year, that and I’m sure you’ve got a few lying around the house as we speak. Just check under your couch cushions.

What I am Wearing:
Blazer: H&M
Skirt: F21
Blouse: Banana Republic Factory Store
Necklace: NYC seen here, here, and here
Clutch: COACH (Gathered Leather)
Shoes: DKNYC 


  1. Love this chic and classy outfit! It's funny you mention pennies. I have about 50 of them in my change purse and no other coins! They're kind of annoying ; ).

  2. Beautiful outfit...classic and love love the clutch the work on it is just fabulous.

    The Black Label

  3. I have to admit, I find ife without pennies a little hard to imagine... But I'm sure they'll just adjust pricing as time goes on and they become more rare. You are looking just lovely in these photos; the combination of black and red suits you beautifully. And the lining of your jacket is almost as pretty as the outer! I love details like that :)

  4. I just love your outfit... The combination of black and red is evergreen and the fact that this skirt has the feminine look because of the pleats makes it so interesting!!


  5. That outfit is GORGEOUS on you!! We have pennies here and they are just useless. I toss all mine in a big jar... when it's full I'll probably have 3 dollars! Haha

  6. SunnydaysandstarrynightsAugust 14, 2012 at 11:44 AM

    You look adorable.  I love the color of your skirt and the lining in your blazer is darling.  

  7. Love the look, especially the red skirt! Thanks for reminding me about the penny, i gotta cash mine in. I got a whole piggy bank full. haha!

  8. Love your pleated skirt

  9. I know it's silly, but I'm sad to see the pennies go!


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