Expecting the Unexpected?

What a conundrum that one is - right?

A few years back…ok…many years back tear-away pants were all the rage. Being a Human Kinetics Major, my go to wardrobe for school was sneakers, a t-shirt and of course (matching) tear-away pants. YEP the ones that had snap-on buttons all down the side. Talk about shapeless and unflattering (and also a moment where you look back and wonder "what was I thinking?"). What does this have to do with expecting the unexpected? Well…given that these pants were "airy", precautions had to be taken for potential mishaps. I learned that lesson once when one of the holes got caught on something and well….all the snap buttons came undone leaving what you would think would be a pretty embarrassing moment. But, I was prepared for such an occasion and always wore shorts underneath saving myself and others from indecent exposure!
It's the same with people. People never cease to amaze me. Their resilience, their compassion, their sheer will and effort at achieving their goals. Doing something that most people thought was absolutely impossible, and in short, making it POSSIBLE.
 Experience has also taught me that sometimes, along the way, some people can become misguided in which unexpected things occur. Sometimes the only thing you CAN do is: raise an eyebrow; do a double take (i.e. ask "did that just happen?"); scratch your head in bewilderment and ponder the following question - "why?". But the lesson I've learned tear-away pants style is being prepared is one thing but so is learning to LET GO of preparedness and EMBRACE the unexpected. Because no matter how much you anticipate, something will take you by surprise.

Has something unexpected happened to you lately?


  1. Hmmmmm! Thats true. People and life around me amazes me too ... but I cannot think of anything unexpected that has happened to me lately! 
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  2. You are absolutely right..well for me it was really unexpected becoming a magazine editor..I was totally shocked when I was appointed as so....and truthfully I though I wasn´t cut for the job..and well things worked out incredibly well (haha I still can´t believe it) and I am really glad I didn´t panicked and said no at the time...sometimes you just gotta do a leap of faith don´t you?

    The Black Label

  3. I love your post.  It is so insightful, because you are absolutely correct.  Some things are just so hard to understand and you just cant seem to figure out why something would happen.  Nothing too unexpected has occured lately though.

  4. Hope Adela PasztorMarch 1, 2012 at 3:35 PM

    Nice blog! =)


  5. SunnydaysandstarrynightsMarch 1, 2012 at 5:57 PM

    Wonderful post.  And I absolutely agree with you.  When you least expect it something will come along and surprise you.  

  6. Hi,
    Love your blog!
    Thank you for sharing this great post,this is so true!


  7. Great post! Hahaha, I remember tear-away pants. How those were ever worn for anything but athletes I'll never know, but they were definitely a fad. I like the pictures you shared!

    Shasie of Live
    Life in Style



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