Pear and Pecorino Pasta with Avocado "Cream" Pesto

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I have a weakness for pasta. I don't eat it very often but when I do, I feel guilty from the rich laden cream sauces I am drawn to.I was super excited that at a dinner party I hosted, my guests were open to trying something new, tasty and raw too! This recipe is perfect for those of you hosting a green St. Paddy's Day themed dinner without too many of the calories consumed by other green tinged things (i.e beer)!

Pre-dinner snacks (olive tempanade with veggies)

We made a creamy Avocado sauce for our delicious Pear and Pecorino (Italian Cheese) Ravioli.
What you will need:
1-2 Medium Avocados 
1 bunch fresh Basil
1/2 tsp of Garlic
Fresh Lemon Juice to Taste
Salt and Pepper
Put it all in a blender until smooth and Voila! Your creamy, avocado pesto is ready for cooked pasta.By the way, I got this amazing pasta from Costco.
Creamy Avocado Pesto Plated on Pasta (also Our "Garlic Bread Cheese was Lactose Friendly - we used Daiya cheese - made from Coconut)
add a few fresh slices of pear to finish off your plating!
Are you willing to try new things?


  1. I love pasta and avacado too! haha that looks delicious

  2. sounds intriguing - i'd like to try it!

  3. I also love pasta but don't eat it often. I also LOVE "Creamy" sauces like alfredo, but my tummy can't handle them, so avocado is a great substitute! I HAVE to try this recipe soon! Thanks for sharing, Nini!

  4. thats really a healthy meal. its something i have to try and get used to. Also thanks for the comment on my wedding post, i really appreciate it.

  5. I love avocado! Anything with avocado is sooo delicious!

  6. When it comes to food, I always want to try something new - I get bored for eating the same thing over and over. I have a huge weakness for pasta, and fettucini alfredo has always been a favourite, but I recently discovered a recipe similar to this one called Avocado Alfredo and fell in love. It might even be better than the real thing! Mind you, I'm seriously obsessed with avocados, which is probably why I think that, but still. The dinner you prepared looks delicious!

  7. This looks yummy!


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  8. Avocados and I are still in the early dating stage - not quite sure how we feel about each other, but I LOVE the idea of using them to impart creaminess in a recipe. Great idea Nini!

  9. Everything looks SO yummy!


  10. this looks really good and pretty hard to mess up which means I could probably "cook" it!

  11. This looks so yummy !


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