How to Eat Healthy at Lunch

I get a lot of questions from my clients, friends and family on how to make wiser choices when eating out, especially during the lunch hour when it is easy to just grab a slice of pizza and soda to scarf down before the next meeting. Here are some easy things to keep in mind when making a decision in your meal choices.

One of the easiest ways to cut calories at lunch is to opt out of the buttered bread for your lunch time meal. In fact, if you can, remove the mayo too! Sub in some Dijon mustard instead. Your waist will thank you.
If there’s a sauce on it, ask for it on the side or none at all. Add Lemon and cracked pepper to dress your salad instead of a creamy salad dressing that is packed with calories you don’t want to waste on an appetizer. And use mustard or soya sauce instead of other condiments – this provides flavour and adds nothing (except some sodium) to the dish.

I know its difficult to say no to the golden French fries that accompany that burger, but ask for a salad instead, or even half and half. You’ll eat less of the fries and get the same satisfaction. In fact eat your burger open-faced instead too! You get all the satisfaction of eating a burger while only eating half the bun.

We all want to indulge when we go out for a meal – usually we go for something that we can’t make ourselves, but foods cooked in high fat methods (golden foods) should be avoided. Be aware of the following terms:
        * Alfredo
        * Battered/Breaded
        * Buttered
        * Creamed
        * Crispy/Crunchy

        * Fried
While alcohol usually is avoided during work hours, some office celebrations may allow some. Carry some sparking water with you instead. You’ll be happy you did because while your colleagues may feel groggy from the few glasses of wine at lunch, you’ll be ready to hit that meeting at 2PM without batting an eye.
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Above all, avoid pop and soda. In some instances, I have seen people enter the elevator to the building with a can of pop already cracked open at 8AM! These are just empty calories. Stick to water, tea, coffee and sparkling water if you really crave that carbonated drink.

The best way to avoid consuming unwanted calories. PACK A LUNCH. Take your left over chicken from dinner and throw it on top of a bed of greens. Cut some veggies and grab a small Greek yogurt for a snack. Packing the night before will make sure your lunch is ready to grab, especially if you’re strapped for time in the morning. Planning on the weekends and cooking bulk can help you avoid the mid-week drain and prevent you from eating poorly. 

What are you eating for lunch today?


  1. You and I need to go to lunch together because we are totally on the same healthy wavelength. No fries. No alcohol. Salads and simple sandwiches. Done.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. Ok I will avoid wine tomorrow for lunch then (kidding ;) How's your preparation for the 21km? Go girl!!! xoxo

  3. Packing a lunch is key!! Good tips I use the mustard instead of mayo one all the time ... Mainly cuz I'm not a huge fan of mayo!

    Also this post reminded me of a certain person who used to eat your lunch stuff from the fridge!

  4. Very good advice. I will use this!

    xo Caroline

  5. I like the idea of opting for half and half fries/salad. I didn't know this was even an option, so good to know!! This is all excellent and sensible advice. On the alfredo sauce though, I think it depends on the source. I was comparing the nutritional content of commercial alfredo and romano (tomato) sauces at Costco the other day and to my absolute shock, the romano was worse! But if the alfredo is made with real cream, there's no question.

  6. Great tips - thanks for sharing!
    I found cutting out juice and pop was a huge help in maintaining my waistline! It still and always will amaze me that so many people drink pop so early in the morning (8am - ewww).


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